Top Ten Most Useful Languages to Know


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1 English

Lol what about American? - moonwolf

This is clearly a trick question

Is this even a question? - SSchirm

Bruh we all speak English here ya know

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2 Spanish
3 French
4 Mandarin

This should be in the second place. - San_Lakshitha

5 Arabic
6 Italian
7 Dutch
8 German
9 Portuguese
10 Japanese

I want to speak Japanese so I can understand people while I go there someday! - KianaLexi

The Contenders

11 Hindi

Widely spoken in india

12 Greek
13 Norwegian
14 Hebrew
15 Russian

Half of the biggest continent Eurasia inhabited by people of many nationalities with their own languages. But majoritmajority of them use russian to speak with each other.

16 Turkish
17 Bengali

7th most spoken language in the world. But not really important. Only available in BD and few parts of India. - zxm

18 Korean
19 Vietnamese

Why? No-one other than Vietnameses themselves speak this language... -_- ( I'm one ) - Goku02

20 Kurdish
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