Top Ten Most Useful Languages to Learn

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1. Number of speakers: With how many people in the world can you communicate with this language, including languages that are similar.
2. Geographical distribution: Over how many lands is this language spread/in how many parts of the world can you use it.
3. Cultural and historical significance: can you use the language to understand scientific words/is the language important for a certain culture

PS: First 6 languages are UNO languages and the UNO has had good reasons to select them.

The Top Ten Most Useful Languages to Learn

1 English

I think English is the most important language because it has the most speakers in the world.

English is the international language, if you can't speak english. You do not have access to a lot of stuff! I'm French and I can say it's so annoying to can't know speak English. - Squadela

So in case you go into a state filled with people who speak English, you could go along with them. It's very useful, especially in New York - JaysTop10List

Most international language, it is mostly in the Vest part of the earth, but soon it will become much more spoken in the East as well.

2 French

Usefull for travel.

Number of speakers not so big but distribution quite big through colonial empire. Culturally very important either to induce scientific Latin words or because of being the language of the dominant culture of Europe from 17th century until first half of the 20th century (together with Britain, most modern inventions setting of fashion trends together with Italy, cuisine etc.). The language of the nobility and diplomacy.

Regions: France, Belgium, almost whole of northern and western, also central Africa, Haiti, Guyana, Canada - pirloandrea

French language is the official language of 29 countries and 57 countries and regions where French is the first ("mother") or customary language, and a total of 84 Member states of the International Organisation of La Francophonie. Approximately 274 million people are speaking the language. According to a demographic projection, total French speakers will number approximately 500 million people in 2025 and between 650 and 700 million people by 2050, 80% of whom will be in Africa.

It was the lingua franca so even if there are less French speakers than Spanish or English speakers, French is spoken on every continent and is very significant (just behind English). - lili117

3 Spanish

The biggest colonial empire after Britain, or maybe even just as big as Britain or bigger than Britain. Actual number of native speakers has surpassed that of English. With Spanish you can also understand Italian and some other romance languages as well as scientific and other international Latin words.

Regions: Spain, almost the whole of America, even southern USA. - pirloandrea

Spanish is the most useful. I am learning it right now. - Joansb

4 Chinese

Biggest number of speakers and its economy is on route to be the biggest in the world. I am currently learning Chinese and it isn't as hard as people say it is. A lot of experts say that Chinese is the language of the future and that demand for Chinese speakers is only going to get higher. It is a great language for business and it sounds great in the ears.

Chinese has the biggest number of NATIVE speakers, though to be technical, Chinese is broken into a minimum of six distinct dialects. Counting second and third-language speakers, English is the most-used worldwide.

Yes but

1. All of China virtually speaks the Mandarin standard language which they learn in schools or even nursery schools and media.

2. Even if taken alone, only the northern dialects, which are one of the 7 groups you mentioned, and which Mandarin belongs to, have more than 700 million native speakers. - pirloandrea

The biggest number of speakers in the world, big diaspora in south east Asia and many other countries.
An important language of East Asia through the script but a big disadvantage is that you can't understand any international or scientific words with it. - pirloandrea

It's good to learn if you want to get into a good college - Songsta41

5 Russian

Yes its useful...

The times when Russian used to be second most important language of the world because of the Soviet Union are over but it is still among the top 6. Numbers of speakers is not among the biggest though still quite big. Culturally not so important. But still very important through Russia's strong political role and the distribution across a vast territory.

Regions (native, administrative and culturally related): Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, baltic states, central Asia, Georgia, Armenia... - pirloandrea

6 Esperanto

It's making a comeback!

7 Arabic

Considerable number of native speakers spread over a vast territory. Culturally and historically an important and/or respected language in Muslim countries, from western Africa to southeast Asia.


Native: north Africa, West Asia
Culturally important: west Africa, sahel, horn of Africa, Turkey, Persia, central Asia, Pakistan, Indonesia - pirloandrea

8 German

No. German dose not have more speakers than French. I don't know about Turkish though

Germany have good beer (first for these)

105 MILLION speakers. More than French, Turkish etc.

9 Italian

Even though Italian Isn’t that spoken in the world today. It is still the fourth most learned language in the world after English, French, and Spanish.
The language is rapidly increasing with around 4.8 million people adding on to the total number of speakers. The language is also used as a commercial language in former colonies like Libya, Eritrea, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Italian is also very common in Argentina with around 1,5 million speakers which is the same number of people as 4 Icelands. This is why Italian in my opinion is a very useful language.

Apart from being a relatively big language in Europe, it is probably, alongside with Greek, the most important cultural and historical language which, through its relatedness to Latin, opens the doors to understanding the meaning of most scientific and other international words. And even when leaving aside its closeness to Latin, Italian has been the most important cultural language in Europe in the Middle Ages and the early modern era until the 16th century in fields like Christian religion, music and cuisine. - pirloandrea

Only Italian people speak Italian as Latin will dead soon

It's the working language of Vatican City and the Catholic Church.

10 Japanese

Not only does this beautiful language have 128 million native speakers, but learning Japanese ( - 本語) gives you access to beautiful culture and one of the most influential pop cultures in the world. So if you want to enjoy your favourite anime, manga, and JRPGs in their native tongue, this is the language for you.

The Contenders

11 Greek
12 Hindi

I'm Hindu monk so I speak Hindi. We study English too. Hindu monk teachings say multuple language learning helps expanse mind and calm way of thinking.

This is very useful language.this is most spoken language of the world.Hindi spikers ar3 present in every country of world.

Native or administrative language of a giant number of speakers. Can be used for communication in India, Pakistan, Nepal. The only reason why it isn't a UNO language as well, is probably that these countries have English as an administrative language, too. - pirloandrea

13 Portuguese

Another language of a big former colonial empire with speakers in many parts of the world, though not as many English or Spanish.

Regions: E.G. Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique - pirloandrea

14 Latin

Same with French, Italian and Romania

15 Yoruba

It is now part of the most useful language all over the word and most especially nigeria as a whole - God-care

16 Persian


17 Korean

Very useful if you want to literally to know the English lyrics of Gangnam Style. Like pyeongyoja prounounced (pong-yo-ja) At the first chorus stanza, you'll hear it 60 nanoseconds in the music video because he dances Gangnam Style in the building literally means in the Romanized Korean English translation, let's dance my friend! - JomartheGreat

18 Romanian
19 Norwegian
20 Turkish

There is many turkish speakers all around the world and I thought learning turkish could be very useful

A considerable number of native speakers in Turkey and can be used for communication throughout Asia from western Asia to the uyghur region in China.

Regions: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uyghuristan (China) - pirloandrea

21 Polish

If you know polish you can understand russian, czech, ukraine, slovakia... - kingazpl

22 Indonesian

More than 200 million people speak Indonesian. It is very useful, because when we go travel to Indonesia, we will find better communication. Seriously, this country is so beautiful! It is the largest archipelago country with a lot of amazing places to visit! :)
Indonesia is going to be the greatest country in several years, so get ready and learn Indonesian language.

23 American Sign Language (ASL)

Since ASL is the most spoken version of Sign Language, I would definitely recommend learning it! You would be able to talk to people that can't hear too well - kaitlynrad11

24 Yugoslavian

Not a language, however Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Macedonian are languages - MagmaFox

25 Swedish
26 Marathi
27 Hebrew
28 Malayan
29 Tamil

U should learn

It’s great to learn it. It makes it easier to learn other languages and a lot of people speak it in southern India, especially Tamil Nadu.

30 Bengali
31 Irish

Irish is a good language. The only reason Ireland speak English is because the Irish were oppressed and it was either speak English or jail.

Why not its pretty fun

32 Sanskrit
33 Sentinelese
34 Kannada
35 Gujarati
36 Croatian
37 Malayalam
38 Serbian
39 Urdu
40 Welsh
41 Lithuanian
42 Danish
43 Dutch
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