Top Ten Most Useful Pokemon Moves

The Top Ten

1 Perish Song

Pokemon will faint within three turns unless switched out.

2 Fly

This move is awesome, why all the hate?

3 Fissure

A member of the OHKO moves

4 Waterfall
5 Draco Meteor
6 Surf
7 False Swipe

Good for catching legendary Pokemon without a master ball

8 Dive
9 Beat Up

Six Pokemon in your party is all you need

10 Dig

The Contenders

11 Dream Eater

Awesome move, plus you get a health boost from it

12 Metronome

Random... your Pokemon chooses any move from any type and uses it

13 Strength
14 Flash
15 Destiny Bond

The better version of memento

16 Cut
17 Ancient Power

Chance of increasing all stats at once

18 Leer
19 Transform

Change into to your opponent. awesome.

20 Tackle
21 Trick Room
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