Top Ten Most Useful Superpowers to Have

The Top Ten

1 Teleportation

I would love this. Don't worry, fellow nerds. Hopefully, with the application of quantum entanglement, this may come to be some day. But you'll have to wait a bit. - PositronWildhawk

You could just teleport and punch someone in the face

No more wasting time on traveling to vacations!

2 Healing

This is the most useful, life saving power there is. Saving lives, never have to go to hospital, help family members, friends. Live a life of helping others, and yourself.

If someone hits you, you instantly heal and smack it back. Win-win situation

3 Freeze Time

The things I'll be doing if I could freeze time... - wolphert

4 Flight
5 Immortality
6 Telekinesis

Have your worst enemy walk up to his/her crush and then use telekinesis to slap them with something in the back of the head #revengeyo - Antifi

7 Fire
8 Phase
9 Invisibility
10 Super Strength

The Contenders

11 Super Speed
12 Size Manipulation

I want a girl to manipulate her size and sit on me and fart on me

Only good for a hot girl:3( so she can transform to a giantess)

13 Ice
14 Turn Into Any Animal
15 Copying

This is the best power because you can copy anyones power and actually keep it for life.

16 Super Intelligence

You could get straight @ s in tests and figure out hard problems

17 Telepathy

This is one of the greatest powers. You have a test? Don't know the answer? Read the proffesors mind. You want to buy something but are brooke? Make the salesmen want to give it to you. wouldn't it be amazing?

18 Granting Wishes
19 Dimensional Storage

Imagine if you could just pull any object that you may need out of thin air? Life would be a whole lot easier!

20 Mind Control


21 Omega Beams

You could basically discinagrate anyone and anything!

22 Stick Em Powers
23 Time Rewind/Pause/Fast Forward
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