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1 Male Nipples

Give me one good use for these... Go on, I dare you. - Cazaam

No good uses... but may I remind you that the butt, crotch, and brain are very important - istooduptoabully

They're fun to play with though as they are kind of sensitive. - Martin_Canine

Not useful.

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2 Wisdom Teeth

Mine was in 2017 on August that year was so boring I got it pulled out on that month and 2 months on October I got all of them out it was so painful this was Mexico in a Hospital it was a doctor the doctor was kind of nice and I was 16 I was going to turn 17 It was not fun and I had a very bad birthday too! - Lordvader3500

Mine came in alright, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because I've known people to having them coming out sideways... Ouch! - Cazaam

Sometimes they can be more harmful than useless when they get impacted and infected. - Entranced98

Ouch! - BorisRule

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3 Appendix

I sometimes have a fear of getting appendicitis, it normally happens to children but did you know Zac Efron got it when he was 20.

What are they even for? They are utterly useless.

You remove it and you're fine. - AlphaQ

Please get it higher!
Its totally useless and danegerous!

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4 Coccyx

The final vertebrate of the spine. This is from the time we had tails. More rudimentary remains no one cares about. - Cazaam

It's got no purpose and it really hurts when fall on the floor on your back. Ow. - PlatinumTheHitgirl

5 Gall Bladder

If it becomes a gallstone factory, out it goes. - Cazaam

My dad had to get this removed because it had become really bad. He almost died. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Most people think that this is where vomit it stored, but that's the liver. - Servbot

Vomit? You mean bile? The liver produced bike, but it is stored in the gall bladder and aids in digestion of lipids. - SplashMoun10

6 Plica Semilunaris

Otherwise known as the "third eyelid", this is the remains of a nictitating membrane that many reptiles have.
Ha, take that creationism! Darwin's got a point! Speaking of... - Cazaam

7 Darwin's Point

A small folded piece of skin at the top in the corner of some people's ears. It may have been used to localise sound easier but now is just another rudimentary body part that 1 out of 10 people have. - Cazaam

Really? Only one in ten people have it? YAY I'M SPECIAL!

8 Adenoids

Like tonsils but have no purpose whatsoever because they are only a defense until the age of 5 when they start to shrink and by the age of 10 they are pretty much useless. Yet they can still get inflamed like tonsils. Bummer... - Cazaam

9 Sinuses

If you didn't have sinuses, air would be trapped in your skull putting pressure on the brain. Be thankful for them. - PositronWildhawk

When my dad got ramsay hunt syndrome, (sorry if I spelled that wrong) he lost lad the sinuses feelings in his face. They still aren't perfect and his face almost looks lopsided without a beard. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Ever had an infection of these bad boys? Not very nice. - Cazaam

Good for improving your ability to kiss

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10 Buttocks

I know this sounds stupid but the butt is quite important. - FrankP

Stupid people getting plastic surgery to make them bigger, WHY? I'm actually fat and have big naturally and I don't like them being so big.

Actually, the butt muscles are what allow you to stand upright.

You need ass to sit down. - AlphaQ

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11 Clitoris

Not as useless as a foreskin

What is this? - AlphaQ

12 Tonsils

My best friend in kindergarten had to take her tonsils out, so I don't really know what they're used for. - funnyuser

My mom says it hurts really bad to get your tonsils removed. Is this true? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Why do these exist? EVERY SINGLE TIME I get a sore throat, I get sick, then my mom reprimands me! It’s all my tonsils’ fault! >:(

Sometimes I wish that I had gotten a tonsillectomy as a kid because of this...

13 Floating Ribs

Rudimentary remains from our ancestors. Some creatures have more that 10 pairs of true ribs. Most people have 2 pairs but they don't really protect anything. - Cazaam

14 Arrector Pili Muscles
15 Foreskin

No - Topcansuckit

Yes literally just an STD catcher

16 Penis

Er what the hell am I reading, is a lot of this sexual?

:( they aren't useless...

Right...this is totally completely useless. *sarcasm* - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

We need penis to pee and to masturbate. No it's not useless. - AlphaQ

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17 Body Hair

Yeah its really annoying shaving it off, something on television about women with body hair though, probably because of how annoying it is.

Once I had to wax my armpits and it hurt like hell.

18 Auricular Muscles
19 Brain

Brains are not useless. Without a brain, your body would not function at all. You'd just lay there like a meaningless blob. Actually, you'd die because your brain controls involuntary muscles and organs, plus a cardiac muscle that you need to stay alive. - RockFashionista

It always fails on school tests. - Servbot

Seriously, what is the brain's purpose? Thinking? That's the fingernail's job. The nervous system's boss? That's a sock. - Cyri

Why the he’ll would anyone need a brain?!?! You can’t even see or feel it?!?

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20 Second Kidney

Tyou don't die if there taken out but still help you

I don't have two kidneys. I have a disorder called ren arcuatus.

My uncle lives with one kidney,He lost a kidney.It is not good to live without 2 kidneys

21 Vomeronasal Organ
22 Nails

I like my nails if you didn't have them it would hurt and you'd be bleeding and it looks gross. - PatrickStar3

23 Testicles

Without testicles, how can more humans exist?

This isn't useless. Testicles create sperm, which is needed to make babies, along with eggs.

I'm pretty sure boys need this or Population would go down. - PatrickStar3

What idiot voted for this - Topcansuckit

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24 Uvula
25 Heart

You need you Heart or you'd be ill and might pass away. And it would hurt a lot. - PatrickStar3

26 Abductor Digiti Minimi Muscle

It gives me the ability to wiggle my little toe :D Not that I need it because the little toe is only used for assisting with balance. - Cazaam

27 Lips

It would look creepy, gross and weird without them and you'd be bleeding. - PatrickStar3

28 Solar Plexus
29 One Pair of Bicuspids In Each Jaw
30 Breasts

Only useful for breastfeeding and men & lesbians to lust at if they are big. It's better to have big ones naturally.

You can get an evil burning pain ouch.
Overweight, obese...then big ones.
or normal weight you could have big ones without surgery.
But only transgenders need surgery.

They're amazing at two things.
1. Breastfeeding.
2. 😉 - Therandom

31 Kidney

Two Words: Kidney Stones - imacg4

32 Head Hair

I love my hair but if your bald I guess you wouldn't need this. - PatrickStar3

33 Earlobes
34 Adam's Apple

Believe it or not but girls have an Adam's Apple too, but you can't see it.

Guess it makes your voice lower that's kinda useful. - PatrickStar3

35 Navel

How the heck is this not no1.? it does nothing! at least male nipples are sexier then that!

36 Rectum

Jeez. - PatrickStar3

37 Bladder

Wouldn't be able to go to the Toilet. - PatrickStar3

38 Tongue

I'd be a few pounds lighter

Talking and eating. - PatrickStar3

39 Frenulum
40 Feet
41 Hymen
42 Eyebrows
43 Abdominals
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