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21 Abductor Digiti Minimi Muscle

It gives me the ability to wiggle my little toe :D Not that I need it because the little toe is only used for assisting with balance. - Cazaam

22 Nails
23 Testicles

This isn't useless. Testicles create sperm, which is needed to make babies, along with eggs. - drdevil

Like saying manhood isn't important

Produces sperm for getting t'ladies pregnant. - AlphaQ

24 Uvula
25 Lips
26 Brain

Brains are not useless. Without a brain, your body would not function at all. You'd just lay there like a meaningless blob. Actually, you'd die because your brain controls involuntary muscles and organs, plus a cardiac muscle that you need to stay alive. - RockFashionista

It always fails on school tests. - Servbot

Yeah if it messes up with seizures, they need to find a cure NOW! I take twelve tablets because of my epilepsy.

Yeah, something that controls our whole body is so useles... - FireWasp2004

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27 Solar Plexus
28 One Pair of Bicuspids In Each Jaw
29 Breasts

They're amazing at two things.
1. Breastfeeding.
2. 😉 - Therandom

30 Kidney V 1 Comment
31 Head Hair
32 Earlobes
33 Adam's Apple

Believe it or not but girls have an Adam's Apple too, but you can't see it.

34 Navel

How the heck is this not no1.? it does nothing! at least male nipples are sexier then that!

35 Rectum
36 Bladder
37 Heart
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