Top 10 Most Useless But Fun Websites

If you´re bored, these websites are the best for you, so look them up to pass time. Let the browsing begin.

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Hahaaa The mind just boggles. Gee-nee-US! Ha. - Britgirl

This is just a website that says heeey and then changes to a website that says hooo - Martinglez

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This website is literally a loading screen, it's suppose to be a parody of the long loading screens some websites have - Martinglez

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The website answers to the big question:
Is it Christmas? - Martinglez

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That's very original.

Very funny website!

High level!


A website that changes colour every time you load it. genius! - Martinglez

YELLOW! Just...yellow! - Britgirl

Turn circles into a picture of a koala! - Martinglez

I actually did all that.. wow...

This is the last website on the internet - Martinglez



Self explanatory - Martinglez

Time wasting fun

The Contenders

You put your pointer in the screen and an image pointing it appears - Martinglez

Lol, I tried this on my enemy, and I get to look at a funny face whenevr I type his name

The title of this website says all.


:D Best collection of useless websites ^^

That's one savage sloth - iamawesomedog

Cats bouncing, because this is the internet. - Martinglez

A man dancing to Get Lucky by Daft Punk. If that isn't genius but a waste of time, what is? - Martinglez

Would you like me to lap dance for you, Tony Hayes? - IronSabbathPriest

Hey, this is Alan Partridge; what's not to laugh about?! - PositronWildhawk

...the finger.

I was wondering when some troll was gonna put this up

Infested with trolls.

This website is not USELESS it’s great!

You can slap a guy with an eel as many times as you like. - Martinglez

Why those games seems so funny

Hahaa...*insert a few seconds...*...Hahaa... - Britgirl

What the...

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