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1 Dreamt is the only english word that ends with mt

I really wanted to know that

Holy cow! My life is complete now that I know this

I dreamt about that

What about mt, which is short for mountain?

2 Statistically, more people button their shirt upwards

random but I button downwards...

Who said to you that I button downwards

I button downwards and upwards... yeah

Man people are weird. Buttoning Down is the way to go

3 A pig's penis is shaped like a corkscrew

Who would EVER wanna know that?

I really feel sorry for the bloke who had to find that out.

Good but feel very sorry for those have tried it

Who bothered to look at a pig just to tell this to us?

4 Go is the shortest complete sentence in the English language

This is an interesting concept, but it might be wrong. A complete sentence has to involve a subject (he's) and a predicate (cool, over there,etc.). A word like "go" or "no" is not a complete sentence since it only implies a subject. Therefore, the shortest complete sentence would have to be "I am." "I" is the subject; "am" is the predicate.

How is that shorter than, "No."?

The order of where the letters are have nothing to do with how short it is.

In the All Big countries are always help complete sentence of oversees Pakistan's

It's actually a short of " off you go " which is the complete sentence.

5 Most elephants weigh less than a blue whale's tongue

This is so useful... I use this fact every day... And wonder why people ignore me

This is so irrelevant and useless it's funny!

I feel the world should know that funny!

SO interesting

6 Only female mosquitos bite

WHY the heck would I care which ones bite? They're still annoying.

That's because the females are the ones who get blood for their children

This fact is actually useful if you don't want to get a mosquito bite.

How can I even know which one is the female?!

7 90% of forks have 4 prongs

If a fork had three prongs, it would be called a threek.

This isn't true - 100% of forks have 4 prongs. If it doesn't have 4 prongs, its not a fork.

"If a fork had three prongs, it would be called a threek."
Very sharp.
(Wait a sec...that would be a knife.)

8 Hot water is heavier than cold water

In fact, this could be useful someday.

This fact is incorrect. Cold water is heavier than hot water as water becomes less dense when its temperature is reduced.

That's why ice floats, because of its low density

I learned this at school lol.

9 Cats urine glows under a black light

Useful if you have a diabetic cat, so not that useless. But you don't need it for everyday life.

Thank God I know this.

Um I have Cats and all and I didn't need know to this fact.

I think I saw that in a Weird But True book.

10 More people use blue toothbrushes than red ones

Who cares which color your toothbrush is? Most important is that it works properly.

I use a pink one

Thanks we definitely needed to know that information

So...? I have a white and magenta brush.

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11 In 1937 two women wore shorts for the first time out in public and caused a car accident.

They must have been like, "Damn, look at those legs! "

Even worse, it's was in Iran... The crash happened because they were angry at the women because they showed there legs

This is hilarious! Does that mean men were driving?

I don't know who's to blame for this spectacle. The decadent sexist traditionalism of the 1930s or hormones...

12 in 1977, a 13-year-old child found a tooth growing out of his left foot

I feel sorry for that 13 year old... Lots of people are born with a 6th finger or 6th toe but they are removed at birth... Some people have fingers fused together as well...

This is a cool fact, but, of course, completely useless.

How is this possible?

That's pretty creepy... A tooth growing out of a foot?

13 A rat can't vomit

Pretty useful if you wanna keep a rat...

And this is why poisons are the most effective method for getting rid of rats, as they can't expel the poison.

Good, I don't want to see my vomit, and more important, I don't wanna see an rat's vomit!

A horse can't either

14 A coat hanger is 44 inches long if straightened

Depends on the size of the coat hanger, or what it's made of.

Who cares about the length of a coat hanger?

Even if they are different sizes?

Heck now I know to get a 44 inch coat

15 In the original version of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf and Red Riding Hood eat Grandma together.

Uhh... Isn't that cannibalism if Red Riding Hood eats her own grandmother (I know it isn't with the wolf since a wolf is a wolf).

That's a better story then the new one

Red's a traitor and cannibal!

Okay what. Your kidding.

16 It is impossible to see with your eyes closed.

I could go through my whole life without knowing that.

It's a lie there are archers in oriental countries who can see you even with their eyes closed, blindfolded

*insert 'You Don't Say? ' face here*

This was really helpful

17 The average chocolate bar contains 8 insect legs

I don't care, still love my chocolate.

Nice try, but this isn't stopping me from eating chocolate

How is this considered useless?

I've eating entire crickets that were fried and chocolate dipped.

18 Only 55% of Americans know the sun is a star.

In the Philippines, we are taught that our flag has three stars, ignoring the fact that there is a sun. The sun is a star so there are four stars in the Philippine flag.

You're kidding me, right? I'm obsessed with astronomy and knew this since I was three.

I knew this since I started reading large nonfiction books at the age of 5. How do ADULTS not know this!?

You'd think more Americans knew about the sun... But apparently not.

19 When a man raised a lion cub in the 60's but then had to let it go when it got too big, he visited it later in life. When the lion saw him, he gave the man a hug.

So inspiring and wow

I actually watched a video of something like this. I was thinking it was more recently.

Does this prove that rafiki is real?

That's cool!

20 "Knock" is the world's shortest horror story with only two sentences. It goes, "The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock at the door."

Allow me to spoil this 'horror story'. You see, it doesn't say that the man in the story is the last person on Earth. It just says he's the last MAN on Earth. So, it could be the last WOMAN on Earth knocking on the door. Am I the only one here who has thought of this?

That actually is creepy but maybe it was a ghost

This is actually creepy.

21 If you were to remove all of the empty space from the atoms that make up every human on Earth, the entire world population could fit in an apple

That's awesome

No, a sugar cube.

22 Conception occurs in December more often than any other month

This is only because of the fact that Christmas and New Years are the ONLY holidays men CAN remember...laugh out loud!

That's good to now...NOT

I hate December 2017.

Perhaps Because of winter vacations

23 All apes laugh when they are tickled

HEY! Stop Generalizing!

24 Komodo Dragons have two penises

I didn't really need to know that...

So they can have sex with 2 different ladies? I did not need to know that.

Did I really need to know that?

*barfs* what did I just read?

25 Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour

Your going to have brain trauma before burning 50 calories

Who does this?

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