Most Useless Hell's Kitchen Contestants

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1 Raj - Season 8

Worst chef in hell's kitchen

Do I need to i? - spodermanfan1000


He was so bad that it's funny.He was the joke unlike Sterling because Sterling was the comedian

2 Nicole - Season 12

One of the worst chefs to appear on Hells Kitchen. Elise may have had the mouth but at least she could cook and had passion. Raj may have been a total donkey but the passion and fight was there. Nicole was a passionateless person. She claimed she was shy but she was just quiet. Flipping the bird, the eye rolling and insulting Chef Ramsey are not the actions of a shy person. The fact she was kicked out despite not being nominated (and 4 other chefs had been nominated that night) says a lot.

Awful chef, no passion, no fight back, and did I say awful chef? - spodermanfan1000

She had absolutely no passion whatsoever!

Worse than Raj & Nicole.At least Elise can cook & Raj at least sent an acceptable dish.Even though she doesn't have Elise's mouth,her attitude is worse.Ramsay can be patient with Elise but with Nicole he could not.She is like Raj & Nicole combined together

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3 Louie - Season 6

He had the fastest elimination in the hell's kitchen history

4 Gina - Season 11

Did not know what she was getting her self into

She imagined that she could kick the other contestants's butts but she kicked her own butt out of the competition, cause...personal issues. Wow she is a jackass. - spodermanfan1000

5 Aaron - Season 3

I Disagree Tiffany should be there then Aaron because he can cook and has a positive attune then Tiffany in season 10

Aaron was generous and I wished he stayed in for a bit longer but not long as getting a black jacket. - spodermanfan1000

He was a fool and 75% of the time he was in Hell's Kitchen he didn't even cook. But he was a like able contestant and rest in peace Aaron. - spodermanfan1000

Should have went home on the frlirst episode with Tiffany.He was more useless than Raj

6 Lacey - Season 5

Lacey should be higher than 12th place

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7 Chino - Season 9

Sucked in all 4 services.

The rissoto was the only thing China could cook

8 Antonia - Season 8

Her terrible signature dish must have put a curse on her. That's why she never participates in dinner services. If she lived to participate in dinner service, she would still be first contestant to be eliminated.

Should be at the very top of this list.

Terrible signature dish than...she is out cause of a - spodermanfan1000

To fail at cooking THAT HARD and then not make it to 1st service?

9 Gia - Season 16

Started off pretty decent but than...ugh she was hit in the head by a bat 678,000 times cause she was an idiot. Thank god she left. - spodermanfan1000

10 Brendan - Season 9

Arrogant prick who could not cook

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? Shaina - Season 16

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11 Mike - Season 12

Mike sucks he should be the worst

Two words: No passion


12 Wil - Season 5

He wasn't that bad...

13 DeMarco - Season 12

Why is DeMarco not any higher?

Should have gone home a lot sooner.

14 Jeremy - Season 11

This guy is stupider than Patrick Star

Should have gone home over Christian.

He was pathetic...

15 Kevin - Season 15
16 Gaurav - Season 12

If I happen to meet him in person, I shout balatkar in front of his face

17 Colleen - Season 5

She made rubbish during signature dish challenge. She couldn't figure out the order. She can't spell victory? She wouldn't survive Masterchef either. Joe and Graham would acknowledge that she never cooks. Aaron and Christina would agree as well.

Did she have any good moments? No. - spodermanfan1000

18 Josh - Season 3
19 Lisa - Season 8

Raj should have left before her but Lisa did totally fail. - spodermanfan1000

20 Simone - Season 12

Should be higher

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