Top 10 Most Useless Math Concepts

You learn a lot of supposedly important stuff in mathematics. PEMDAS, algebra, sales tax...then there are some lessons that do nothing to expand your understanding of the world. Will you need them in real life? Probably not. Maybe if you're an engineer or computer scientist, but for everything else in life...likely not. So now that I've dragged on long enough about stuff you're not even gonna read, here are the math concepts you least need in life.
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1 Geometric Proofs

You don't really need to know how to prove that one line is parallel to another. The steps in proofs are absolutely useless, and don't need this in the real world. I mean, who draws two triangles and tries to prove that they're parallel? That's right, obviously not you. And probably not your friend. Or your dad. Or your grandpa.

You will never use this in real life unless you become a geometry teacher. You might need to know other things from geometry if you are and architect or and engineer is what my geometry said. He said that the only reason we did proofs was to help us become logical thinkers but we'ed never use proofs themselves in real life.

For Those saying "This is useless." or "When will I ever use this.", it's not about when will you use, it's about IF you will use.

Math is by far my most favorite life skill, simply because how god damn useful it is. Stop complaining and actually learn it. Use it to your advantage. You'll be glad you did.

This has got to be one of the most useless things I've ever encountered whenever I am doing math. It's a massive pain in the bottom, I can assure you that.

2 Algebra

Quite honestly, the most pointless and useless class I have ever taken in university was linear algebra. Doing matrices on paper has virtually no application or development skills unless you're a 2nd century Roman farmer trying to sort wheat amongst buyers. All linear algebra is done on computers because humans just can't compute matrices fast enough to actually be useful. Waste of time, money, and health.

Algebra II, the common core lesson that results in several dropouts every year. Yes, I covered branches of Algebra II, but you know, there are other branches that lead to nothing but stress you shouldn't have to learn. So yes, it can get its full mention as a useless topic that really shouldn't be mandatory to pass college.

"Thinking abstractly" causes people to "overthink". This is an issue with kids fresh out of college these days, life isn't that difficult and yet you're making it difficult because algebra taught you to think that way!

I have never seen me, or anyone needing to write down letters to solve math. IT'S USELESS!

3 Polynomials

How exactly do you do these again? I don't really know how exactly they apply to the real world. Maybe we're constantly surrounded by them and just shun them out, but it's not exactly something to consider. Polynomials seem to be a huge issue for students, and are just a roadblock you could do without.

Really? WHEN am I going to use this and most importantly HOW will I apply this in real life? What situation?

When do we actually learn this in real life. Like, seriously.

Wish me luck imma bout to fail the test because of this.

4 Calculus

They say it's important for modern science and engineering. However, it's been seen that in modern computer science they make almost no use of calculus, rather discrete maths instead. Not to add that with every generation there seems to be less people wanting take up computer science. Oh well!

More applicable than algebra and not as abstract but still ridiculous

Outside of Engineering and computer science when would you use this?

F this thing

5 Polynomial Long Division

Again with the polynomials (slams head on keyboard). And Long Division? Really? Just the concept of long division is pointless in 2020, who doesn't constantly carry a computer around with them? (*cough* your phone with the built in calculator *cough*)

I've managed to acquire much easier ways to divide polynomials. But let's not get into that, considering I'm not a math professor. Point being, you don't need to do all those long steps to divide polynomials, considering there are easier ways to get through that you hopefully learned in your freshman year of high school.

6 Quadratic Equations

Unless I'm having to solve an issue for profit in a business, I shouldn't have to predict how far someone can shoot an arrow across a field. Just release the damn arrow already and see for yourself!

This is so ridiculously useless that I properly cry when it has to be used in a word problem

Basically, you are just wasting your tuition fee...

7 Point Slope

Okay, so once again, something important for engineering, but let's just face it. I don't really know why it's a mandatory course in middle school, considering its little use in the real world. There isn't much to it. y=mx+b seems easy enough to learn. But expanding on this concept, like a lot of things on this list, is just a painful mind grating task that isn't much use to a lot of other things in life.

This is the most useless thing to learn. Not needed what-so-ever.

I honestly don't know where or when I'll need to use this.

8 Probability

This is my weakest area on math. I'm also good at math though.

I don't gamble. But if I do, the probability will always be the same:.01% you win, 99.9% you lose.

9 Logarithms

I think my life is easier because I don't know how to solve logs... If I knew or enjoyed doing this kind of math I'd consider myself clinically insane and needing to be in a straitjacket

Your points are well taken. Particularly at the high-school level, it's nearly impossible to gain comprehension of higher math given the limited instructional time available. It takes months if not years to fully grasp the underlying concepts and theories alone. And little if any time is spent imparting understanding of the real-world applications of such disciplines, which would go far in generating sufficient interest to apply oneself.

I really don't know how to imply this to a regular daily life. Heck, I don't even understand how to do these at all! Like most would say, it's important if you are an engineer/scientist, but if you're aiming towards different things, logarithms are probably something to skip.

10 Multivariable Functions

A sub-branch of calculus, this seems to have even less use than calculus. Unlike basic calculus, which has use for some things in life, I don't know if it's even used in engineering or architecture at all! If calculus II isn't mind grating enough, hope calculus III puts you in the grave.

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11 Trigonometry

If you're not an engineer then you can forget about where you'd actually use this in real life

Why would you even use this?

Not useful in real life

Its pointless

12 Statistics

Helpful if you're an economist, otherwise it's just the easier option over taking pre-calculus

13 Long Division

Long Division was only introduced because there was no calculators back at the time so they added it to our school curriculum. I think it is not very important and technology is more advanced so people can calculate it and not have to put thought into it. I think Long Division is really just torture for our brains and takes up too many steps while having no use in the real world unless you are in the classroom. The only thing that it is useful for is when you are attending a school facility.

I'm only putting this at the bottom of the list because it can be only slightly useful. If you don't have or are not allowed to use a calculator, this could help to some extent. But because most schools are allowing calculator use, you could say long division could very well be obsolete. However, for an SAT or ACT, hope you learned long division.

Long division is basic math that we should know how to do.

It's kinda useful, but not all that much.

14 Pythagorean theorem

Probably the most useless math of them all.

Not used in life

15 Quaternions

This used to be something that was incredibly useful for expanding your understanding of complex numbers. Sadly, this concept has been long forgotten, and other methods of understanding complex numbers have been developed over the time. This could be useful, had it not be forgotten.

16 Uniform Motion Problems

Why do I need to know how far I travelled after taking my backpack off?

17 Derivatives

Useful in finding profits, possibly; no use if you're not handling finances... there are 15+ rules that apply, good luck

18 Solving Inequalities

Less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, less than, greater than. No one actually cares

19 Coordinates and Graphs

I am studying to take a doctors degree in astrophysics and I never needed this and probably never will.

20 Geometry

I am in 9th grade,and I think about the fact that, when will I use finding of trapeziums and shapes in coordinate geometry?...possibly never,coordinate geometry might be important,but What does it have to do with shapes?

21 Number System
22 Surds

Completely useless I don't even need to elaborate

23 Topology
24 Conic Sections
25 Negative Exponents
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