Most Useless Perks in Fallout 4


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2 Vans

I don't know who ranked these, but if you want the worst of the worst, its easily waterboy... Like by a mile.

The mini map is enough, fallout. - ONHOLIDAY

3 Idiot Savant

I know I said this was one of the best in my other list, but I usually play with low intelligence. After I played 2 characters with high intelligence, I realized it's not worth it. - ONHOLIDAY

4 Basher

This may be one of the first perks a mele character goes for but, why? It's for gun bashes not mele weapons. - ONHOLIDAY

5 Iron Fist

Nobody will use fists that early - ONHOLIDAY

Iron fist is the worst

6 Nerd Rage!

I don't know about you fallout, but if I am below 20% health, I'm running for my life. - ONHOLIDAY

7 Moving Targetet

Ok this is what you want when running, but it's pointless in an actual fight. Why would I be sprinting while killing raiders? - ONHOLIDAY

8 Mister Sandman

I honestly never see sleeping enemies. Ever. - ONHOLIDAY

9 Chemist

This is level 7 in intelligence, and honestly, that's too late. By that time I will have a good build. - ONHOLIDAY

10 Ricochet

Ok, I have used this(rank 1) on 3 characters and it has happened 2 times... TWO TIMES - ONHOLIDAY

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