Most Useless Perks in Fallout 4


The Top Ten

1 Rooted

Who honestly stands still as a mele character - ONHOLIDAY


2 Vans

I don't know who ranked these, but if you want the worst of the worst, its easily waterboy... Like by a mile.

The mini map is enough, fallout. - ONHOLIDAY

3 Idiot Savant

I know I said this was one of the best in my other list, but I usually play with low intelligence. After I played 2 characters with high intelligence, I realized it's not worth it. - ONHOLIDAY

4 Basher

This may be one of the first perks a mele character goes for but, why? It's for gun bashes not mele weapons. - ONHOLIDAY

5 Iron Fist

Nobody will use fists that early - ONHOLIDAY

Iron fist is the worst

Most of the things on the list aren't even bad except for vans like this would be my list
10. that robot perk. useless unless using automatron
9. basher
8. nerd rage
7. rooted
6. awareness
5. rad resistants
4. refractor
2. vans
1. lead belly

6 Nerd Rage!

I don't know about you fallout, but if I am below 20% health, I'm running for my life. - ONHOLIDAY

7 Moving Targetet

Ok this is what you want when running, but it's pointless in an actual fight. Why would I be sprinting while killing raiders? - ONHOLIDAY

8 Mister Sandman

This would be useful, if enemies wouldn't wake up when you enter the room they're in, it would also fun if it was like a silent kill, then you could get rid of unwanted NPCs, but I just simply hate this perk.

I honestly never see sleeping enemies. Ever. - ONHOLIDAY

9 Chemist

This is level 7 in intelligence, and honestly, that's too late. By that time I will have a good build. - ONHOLIDAY

10 Ricochet

Ok, I have used this(rank 1) on 3 characters and it has happened 2 times... TWO TIMES - ONHOLIDAY

The Contenders

11 Bloody Mess

Bloody mess has never been a useful perk since its introduction in the original games. It’s more for entertaining jaded 9 year olds than assisting tactical thinkers.

Just more gore, I don’t have anything against blood and gore, this perk is just useless.

12 Gun Fu

Really? No one thinks to mention the incredibly useless bonus-for-shooting-multiple-people-once perk?

Literally. 25% bonus on second VATS target. 50% bonus on third VATS target. Et cetera.

Just why. It’s right up there with VANS and Ghoulish.

13 Lead Belly

Useless even in survival mode

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