Top Ten Most Useless Pranks

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1 Blindfold a Blind Kid

What is this is list... get education and a life people!

The kid is already blind. Get real people!

This whole list is hilarious!

This sounds very stupid to do

2 Throw a Fish in a Sea in an Attempt to Drown It

I've seen a nasty thing online in which a tortoise was mistaken for a turtle. This is why education is important.

Reminds me of a blonde joke...

How does a blonde kills a fish? She drowns it

Since when was homnicide against animals considered a prank?

This would be weird

3 Tilt a Rocking Chair

I do this. I nearly fell over a few times

Really? We do it a lot

Wow. Get some brains.

4 Put Cameras in the Big Brother House

Hm... isn't that a good idea? Absolutely NOBODY knows what goes on in the BB house...

Oh no! Then everyone would know what... oh, wait.

The camera's are already there lolol.

5 Replace a Bottle of Pepsi with Coke

Yeah, this one would actually anger a few people, I think. I am a strong Pepsi guy.

I honestly don't care which one. Cola's overrated anyway...

That's actually pretty cruel, Coke sucks

I hate both so I wouldn't drink it anyway

6 Paint a Purple Door Violet

Oh, come on, what if my door was a deep, electric purple? Violet would make it girly, thus, this is a good prank! Particularly if you gradually add a thin layer of violet over time. But imagine if you did this to the door of 10 Downing Street!

You call this prank useless? Do you even know how tragic could this be?

Now that's just cruel.

O f you did it overtime slowly lol

7 Put Mouse Traps Next to a Coffin

There go my plans.

8 Replace Someone's Order of a Nokia Brick with an iPhone 6

What about a Galaxy S6? I would be ever thankful.

Well, well, well... isn't that nice of you?

That would be super nice! Thank you!

I would love that

9 Set a Candle on Fire

:D I like this one! It might work if you set the wax part on fire!

Light it up, up, up, light it up, up, up... Oh wait. You can't Set Fire (to the rain) to a candle. This is also probably a bad spot to put Fall Out Boy songs, too.

10 Replace a DVD of Fifty Shades of Grey with a Porno

Does it really make a difference

It's gonna be porn either way...

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11 Replace Twilight with Forrest Gump

If you're trying to be nice, or nasty, either way, you can do better.

This is a kind prank

12 Replace Nicki Minaj CDs with Justin Bieber CDs

I don't like either O. O

Bieber wins over Nicki Minaj. They’re both mediocre though.

13 Replace a St. Anger CD with Master of Puppets

How is this a prank? I'd be pretty damn happy if someone replaced my St. Anger CD for Master of Puppets! No offense Metallica, but I really hope this new CD is bettrer than St. Anger.

You wouldn't be able to do that if I got it off of Napster.

That would be great pranker!

Kill Em All’ would be even better!

14 Put No Sound Headphones on a Deaf Kid

Lol hilarious the kids already deaf

What's the point? He's already deaf

15 Replace Chris Brown CDs with Justin Bieber CDs

They both suck anyway!

I’d pick Justin Bieber in a heartbeat, let’s be real.

16 Crush a Spring
17 Spill Water in the Swimming Pool

Eh, it could’ve been worse!

18 Crank the Radio When It is Off

That’s actually quite effective. As soon as someone turns on the radio, it will blast out very loudly.

19 Replace Family Matters with Full House
20 Ding Dong Ditch

Especially if you ding dong ditched an abandoned house.

21 Take Out the Middle Piece of Bread in a Big Mac
22 Take One Dish Out of the Dishwasher Before Your Roommate Turns It On
23 Lock the Door When Your Parents Have Spare Keys

Forgot about that bit...😳

24 Prank a Deaf Kid with Loud Sound Effects or Music
25 Replace a Bottle of Ice Tea with Lemonade
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