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1 Blindfold a Blind Kid

This whole list is hilarious! - Songsta41

Wow that's just... Wow - That_Dude5414

This sounds very stupid to do - JaysTop10List

Hahaahaha...can't say anythinng... Just laugh..hehe - HellFire101

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2 Throw a Fish In a Sea In an Attempt to Drown It

I've seen a nasty thing online in which a tortoise was mistaken for a turtle. This is why education is important. - PositronWildhawk

Reminds me of a blonde joke...

How does a blonde kills a fish? She drowns it - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

You mama so stupid, she tried to drown a fish... - Turkeyasylum

Person: Muahaha! -throws fish into ocean-
Fish: Aaah, no! Halp, me is drowning!

Everyone watching: What sorcery is this?! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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3 Tilt a Rocking Chair

Really? We do it a lot - EpicJake

Wow. Get some brains. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Put Cameras In the Big Brother House

Hm... isn't that a good idea? Absolutely NOBODY knows what goes on in the BB house... - Turkeyasylum

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5 Replace a Bottle of Pepsi With Coke

Yeah, this one would actually anger a few people, I think. I am a strong Pepsi guy. - BKAllmighty

I honestly don't care which one. Cola's overrated anyway... - Turkeyasylum

I hate both so I wouldn't drink it anyway

Wow, what kind of stupid prank this is? - JaysTop10List

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6 Paint a Purple Door Violet

Oh, come on, what if my door was a deep, electric purple? Violet would make it girly, thus, this is a good prank! Particularly if you gradually add a thin layer of violet over time. But imagine if you did this to the door of 10 Downing Street! - PositronWildhawk

You call this prank useless? Do you even know how tragic could this be? - Animefan12

Now that's just cruel. - Songsta41

O f you did it overtime slowly lol

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7 Put Mouse Traps Next to a Coffin
8 Replace Someone's Order of a Nokia Brick With an Iphone 6

Well, well, well... isn't that nice of you? - Delgia2k

What about a Galaxy S6? I would be ever thankful. - PositronWildhawk

I would love that

Nokia Brick?
That brick is useful - CerealGuy

9 Set a Candle On Fire

Light it up, up, up, light it up, up, up... Oh wait. You can't Set Fire (to the rain) to a candle. This is also probably a bad spot to put Fall Out Boy songs, too. - Merilille

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10 Replace a DVD of Fifty Shades of Grey with a porno

Does it really make a difference

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11 Replace Twilight With Forrest Gump

If you're trying to be nice, or nasty, either way, you can do better. - PositronWildhawk

12 Put No Sound Headphones On a Deaf Kid

Lol hilarious the kids already deaf

What's the point? He's already deaf

13 Replace a St. Anger CD With Master of Puppets

How is this a prank? I'd be pretty damn happy if someone replaced my St. Anger CD for Master of Puppets! No offense Metallica, but I really hope this new CD is bettrer than St. Anger.

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14 Replace Nicki Manaj CDs With Justin Bieber CDs V 1 Comment
15 Replace Chris Brown CDs With Justin Bieber CDs

They both suck anyway! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

16 Crush a Spring
17 Replace Family Matters with Full House
18 Ding Dong Ditch
19 Tell them to stare at a wall for a millisecond
20 Take out the middle piece of bread in a big mac
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1. Blindfold a Blind Kid
2. Throw a Fish In a Sea In an Attempt to Drown It
3. Put Cameras In the Big Brother House
1. Blindfold a Blind Kid
2. Throw a Fish In a Sea In an Attempt to Drown It
3. Paint a Purple Door Violet
1. Blindfold a Blind Kid
2. Put Mouse Traps Next to a Coffin
3. Throw a Fish In a Sea In an Attempt to Drown It

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