Most Useless Thomas & Friends Characters


The Top Ten

1 The Spiteful Brakevan V 2 Comments
2 Smudger V 2 Comments
3 George V 1 Comment
4 Bulstrode V 1 Comment
5 S. C. Ruffey V 1 Comment
6 Tiger Moth
7 'Arry
8 Diesel 10 V 1 Comment
9 Lady V 3 Comments
10 Emily

"Duck, Donald, Douglas and Oliver should all be in the steam team. Not emily." I agree with you. My duck and emily comment does not make sense anyway.

Duck WAS going to be in the Steam Team, but was replaced with Emily because they needed a female character because people said there weren't enough girl characters.

Donald and Douglas are better than emily.

Donald, Douglas and Oliver should be part of the steam team, too. Not Emily.

V 2 Comments

The Contenders

11 Ivo Hugh

Stop hating me for hating ivo Hugh and sixteen!

I never hated you

Take him off!

12 Ferdinand

Bash, charlie and dash are all better than ferdinand.

I hate him.

13 Spencer

Spencer is much better then Gordon because Gordon is just useless

V 3 Comments
14 Farmer McColl V 1 Comment
15 Bash V 1 Comment
16 Ashima
17 Elizabeth V 1 Comment
18 Bert

Not the rales dale railway engine, the diesel.

V 1 Comment
19 Fred Pelhay V 1 Comment
20 Old Slow Coach V 1 Comment
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