Most Useless Thomas & Friends Characters


The Top Ten

1 The Spiteful Brakevan

Yo get off my list - FinnsWorld

Take him off!

2 Smudger


Ol wheezy is better than smudger.

Take him off!

3 George

Take him off!

4 Bulstrode

Get rid of Bulstrode because you hate him, or because you like him and want him to be taken off the list?

Get rid

5 S. C. Ruffey

Take him off!

6 Tiger Moth
7 'Arry
8 Diesel 10

What is the point of that claw?

9 Emily

"Duck, Donald, Douglas and Oliver should all be in the steam team. Not emily." I agree with you. My duck and emily comment does not make sense anyway.

Duck WAS going to be in the Steam Team, but was replaced with Emily because they needed a female character because people said there weren't enough girl characters.

Emily does not deserve to be part of the steam team. Duck is.

Donald and Douglas are better than emily.

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10 Lady

Worst cjaracter ever produced.

I hate her.

The Contenders

11 Ferdinand

Bash, charlie and dash are all better than ferdinand.

I hate him.

12 Ivo Hugh

Stop hating me for hating ivo Hugh and sixteen!

I never hated you

Take him off!

13 Billy

This engine literally appeared in only one episode of the entire series, although he was originally going to come back in "Splish Splash Splosh" before Charlie took his role. The episode is called "Don't Be Silly, Billy! ", and all that episode was basically about was Billy shutting down Thomas's advice and being a jerk to him before he ran out of coal and water. What a waste of a character. - WindWakerFan

I hate him.

14 Vinnie

I love all the international engines except for Vinnie.

He is too rude!

All of the TGR characters are useless.

I hate him.

15 Ashima

hate her

16 Spencer

James is better than Spencer.

Rosie is better than Spencer.

The definition of unoriginal.

Spencer is much better then Gordon because Gordon is just useless

17 Farmer McColl

I hate him.

18 Duchess Of Hamilton

I hate him.

€śDuchess” is feminine so technically, you can’t hate “him”!

19 Bash

I hate him.

20 Shane
21 Elizabeth

I hate her.

22 Bert

Not the rales dale railway engine, the diesel.

Bert is better than 'Arry.

23 Fred Pelhay

Rickety and ULP are better than Fred Pelhay.

24 Old Slow Coach

A Disney princess on rails.

25 Proteus

Narrow gauge version of Lady. I hate both of them.

26 Mighty Mac

All they did was argue.

I hate him.

27 Harvey

Let this ugly idiot stay in the shed where he belongs.

Plot device.

28 Thumper Thumper

I hate him.

I hate him

29 Nelson

Oh, yeah. The number ten. Smallest two-digit number. Number of fingers on your body. Number of toes on your body. Number of digits in the number system we use today. BORING. Does that make a lot of sense? No. How is 10 boring? And if it is, why don’t you hate Douglas for that same reason?

Plot device. Even his number (10) is boring.

30 Arthur
31 Salty

I hate him.

32 Cranky

Take him off!

33 Murdoch

Take him off!

34 Alicia Botti Alicia Botti

I hate her.

35 Bertram

Only the 35th most useless character but the worst overall character? That doesn’t make sense!

36 Splatter

Billy and dodge are better than splatter.

I hate him.

37 Dodge

I hate him.

38 Colin

I hate him.

39 Burnett Stone

I hate him.

40 Max

Take him off!

41 Monty

Take him off!

42 Fred

I hate him.

43 Sixteen

Take him off!

44 Godred

Well duh. He's dead.

45 D199

Take him off!

46 The Big City Engine

I hate him.

47 98462

98462 blew himself up with fuel tankers while trying to kill Gordon and Henry.

I hate him.

48 U.L.P
49 Rickety
50 Mallard

I hate him.

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