Top Ten User Ranking Lists that People Add Themselves To

The number one problem with Toptenner ranking lists is that people add themselves. Today, I will cover the lists that Toptenners are most likely to add themselves to

The Top Ten

1 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens
2 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens that Deserve More Attention

This is where people try not to be obvious narcissists. Nice try, I can see through that. - SpectralOwl

3 Top Ten Most Hard Working Inspiring TopTenners
4 Funniest TopTenners
5 Top Ten Users on TheTopTens that New Users Should Look Up To
6 Best Male TopTenners
7 Best Female TopTenners
8 Most Badass Users of TheTopTens
9 Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Start Being Number One on User Ranking Lists

If I would have known of this list when I was a noob, I would add myself to it and make a bunch of backup accounts to remix it so I could be #1.

10 Best Usernames on TheTopTens

When I was a noob, I added myself to all of the good lists and this one.

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