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1 Top 10 Users Of TheTopTens

I like this list, but of course everyone knows who will be 1.

There's a good 20 or so users with the same voting percentage, so if anyone is wondering why this list fluctuates in ranking almost daily, that's why. Other than that, I wish people would stop validating themselves based on their spot on this list. I, personally, disagree with much of it. Especially SHD being in the 40's or 50's (last I checked). - keycha1n

For a long time, I was sitting at #785 below Danteem and selfdestruct. Currently at #314 - styLIShT

2 Top Ten Hardest Working Inspiring Users Of TheTopTens

I like this list, but sometimes people add users who are neither of those things like me.

I made this list so to direct newcomers and the inexperienced to the people who they should really look up to. That's why it thrives on discussion and not on ranking. - PositronWildhawk

Once I saw this list, I immediately removed the top 10 users of TheTopTens off my favorites list, and added this one, because this list seems to be the one that matters.

It's the one I hope people keep going to. - keycha1n

3 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Who Deserve More Attention

I'm tired of people voting themselves on this list. It's completely changed its focus. - PositronWildhawk

4 Top Ten Most Badass Users Of TheTopTens
5 TheTopTens Users With The Funniest Lists
6 Best Female TopTenners
7 Best Male TopTenners
8 Top Ten Users Of TheTopTens Whose Lists You Always Look for On the Newest Lists Page
9 Top Ten Users You Would Like to Rate

I love this list!

10 Nicest TopTenners

I can’t believe I’m in the top 10 on it!

The Contenders

11 Funniest TopTenners
12 Top Ten Most Respectful Users In TheTopTens
13 Top Ten Users on TheTopTens that New Users Should Look Up To

This is the list of the users that actually contribute to the site and would help set a good example for the site. Also, PositronWildhawk and Britgirl are not in the top two spots as of now, so there is not as much favoritsm.

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