Top Ten Best Users of August 2015

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1 Garythesnail

Once again, a list made at the start of the month-_- - EpicJake

What is your problem guys? Nobody is forcing you to look at it! - RockStarr

Problem is that many of us would prefer to see "best users of the month" lists based on users' actual activity during that month, and now such a list would just be merged with this random and biased and indefensible back-patting. Minimally, could creators just state their reasons for the rankings? "Because I like them" "because they are my friends" "because I wanted to add another list to my total so I have to pick some names" just don't quite seem like legitimate enough reasons consistent with the concept of the site - Billyv

I'm number 1? Thanks so much! :D - Garythesnail

A Very Kind User And Great Lists 😏 - RockStarr

2 TheKirbyCreeper999

No offense to him but why is he that high on this list? Did he contribute somethin'? No and I felt you put him high because he is your friend - CerealGuy

Kind and has great opinions - RockStarr

3 PositronWildhawk

Rockstarr, you have made a bad Impression on me. This list is pathetic. - gemcloben

He meant to say you're pathetic because you didn't add him. Positron did a lot in the month of August you know. He is popular but he also works hard for it. - Kiteretsunu

MainstreamWildhawk is workin' like a hard hawk y'know? And he contribute more to this site than a dem worm *Stereotypical Southern accent* - CerealGuy

4 PizzaGuy

He only have few list and it doesn't appeal to some people but how the nein he is that high in the sky? (Rank) - CerealGuy

5 MoldySock

Very Underrated and needs more attention - RockStarr

6 RalphBob

Great lists from a great user - RockStarr

7 Britgirl

Will those lists end? As awesome as britgirl is, she can't do anything in August! - Therandom

"I am required by social-group dominance law to add certain names to every positive user list. Get with the program! " - Billyv

Great user and good opinions - RockStarr

8 TurkeyAsylum

Brilliant posts and lists, and he's easily among the best friends here. - Garythesnail

Good Opinions and cool - RockStarr

9 Sweetmadi11
10 cosmo

Cosmo is definitely must be first place, she deserves it! - 05yusuf09

Thanks for adding me here! - cosmo

The Contenders

11 RiverClanRocks

Number 10?! Looks like I'm getting popular! Thanks guys! - RiverClanRocks

12 05yusuf09

Really,people? I had to add this great user here? For God's sake,people,check his amazing stuff out,you'll love him! - UltimateHybridX

13 RockStarr

RockStarr is one of the best newcomers of 2015. - 05yusuf09


14 Jordansalesguy2392
15 OneWaySreet
16 TopTenJackson
17 TeenTitansGoSucks
18 CastlevaniaFanboy128
19 BigBrotherSucks
20 SuperHyperdude
21 MontyPython

Oh stahp it yew! X3 - MontyPython

22 CerealGuy
23 SpongebobGymnast
24 TheRandom
25 OnlyWay
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