Users Most Likely to Reach 1500 Lists the Soonest

To date, two users have 1500 or more lists, we're waiting the other users to reach this number :)
The voting period for this list has ended.

The Top Ten Users Most Likely to Reach 1500 Lists the Soonest

1 Magnolia

1412 lists to date,... Needing just 88 more - MatrixGuy

2 Irina2932

She made a bunch of lists in short time, 1102 lists to date, she is close - MatrixGuy

3 anthonybecerra831

Hope to get back soon - MatrixGuy

4 booklover1
5 decorulez97
6 westofohio
7 lukestheman4
8 EvilAngel

EvilAngel because he posts nothing but retarded pointless lists that nobody cares about. Hmm I couldn, t stop laughing after I say best things about dark tranquillity 's song uniformity.. And lists best 8 minute songs between gun and roses and Metallica (both are different genres) and lists like " best evanscence and korn songs" and "best Linkin Park singles" ( it is same meaning as best Linkin Park songs and actually I think he just knows like 35~60 band and he made almost like 350 music list actually this is the biggest proof about that he just make pointless lists - nooreldeen

9 Alpha101
10 SmoothCriminal