Top 10 Best Users of October 2020

Here We Go Again
I made a best users list back in August that was well received since then we have gone 0-2 on making these lists good so I’m back again to show you how these lists are supposed to be done. I expect to see some interesting content from users this month as we are in the Halloween Season and an election right around the corner so expect some political passion as well.
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1 2storm

2storm has been on a roll lately with 2 featured lists at once that’s a rare accomplishment which goes to show what he’s capable of. He’s also got NBA and NFL takes going strong. Well what can we expect from a strong conservative voice as the election is upon us?

Oh that election content coming.

2 Randomator

Right at the end of the month, on October 29th, he had 25 VOTES. The other day he only had 4. HOW?! This guy will be a legend of this website. No contest.

It’s been a relatively quiet yet consistent month overall I’d say. Sometimes that’s a good thing nothing too flashy but you know what you’re getting from me. HQ content as always nothing else to really say

3 htoutlaws2012

Well to be honest, he is the GOAT of this website. Ht continued to impress us all with sports lists that we can enjoy. The guy has been making a lot of lists recently so... let's see if I can keep up with them!

htoutlaws what can you really say? He’s been steady and consistent as always with the NFL Season back in action he’s been very passionate with his content especially with the Lions. The leader of the Sports Evolution has been quite active as of now. He’s been relatively neutral in terms of a political standpoint but he hates Joe Biden will we see any political passion from him in the near future?

Seems like the Sports Evolution is going to a new level, with sports users rounding out the top three

4 egnomac

You talk about consistency Egnomac has been that this entire year pretty much. I expect him to continue with his endless cartoon characters content he certainly has found a pansy and just keeps finding ways to deliver HQ content week in and week out

5 Britgirl were she and I neck-and-neck? I mean, that's kind of cool, since she has a member score that is roughly 700 higher than myself. I'm not gonna say "What an outrage! she should be #1!" or anything, but she should be more than one spot higher than me for content and personality alike.

I love how she never changed her amazing personality and her passion for music

I'm so glad she's back. She's amazing.

She's back? I have missed a lot

6 NuMetalManiak

NMM has been quite steady with a fun list series and has shown consistency with Reviews on various games and albums. Also someone who isn’t afraid to speak out on political issues. With the election season here expect political passion from NMM as the month goes on

7 darthvadern

Darth continues his HQ lists on various Mario related topics he shows his passion well with Mario Party and the recent 35th anniversary for Super Mario Bros. He tops things off with an occasional political list. But where’s the blog posts at?

8 Leafeon

Leafeon had an impressive return and made some really clever lists in October. I would be looking forward to seeing him make more high quality lists by him.

Leafeon will likely continue with making high-quality featured lists throughout October.

9 UltraLunalaX

Ultra has made some great lists during this month, including "Top 10 Cute Characters You Would Most Like a Toy Plush Of" and "Top 10 Possibly Unpopular Opinions of UltraLunalaX". He has been doing some impressive work recently. Keep it up!

UltralunalaX has dedicated herself to improving and she has certainly done that in almost every way. You look at the content she has and tell she’s put the time and effort into rewriting her reputation. Sure she’s not always on but when she is she’s dedicated and really proving a case for female user of the year. She really is like the Female Htoutlaws in a lot of ways

10 Dark_Shadow

Two Words (I think): ShadowMex2020. The guy has also has proved to be the best Gen-21 User with his new trending list "Top 10 Things that Could Be Eliminated by 2030".

He should be higher than #27. His list Top 10 Everyday Things that Could Be Eliminated by 2030 is amazing.

The Contenders
11 EpicJake

He’s Back and right away he’s shown his talent with a few decent lists ranging from Villains we liked more than the Hero to Best/Worst Sports owners. As his profile states he’s a veteran user and honestly he’s someone that a lot of newcomers should look up to. What can we expect next from the returning veteran?

He's a good user, but I only saw him online once in October.

12 cjWriter1997
13 FlareLightX

Gotta agree with LiamCoasterFan. For a while, FlareLightX was at the very bottom and that just doesn't seem right.

Why is he at the bottom? He's an awesome user.

14 EvanTheNerd
15 HaiThere

Another rising newcomer that has potential he’s a bit more active than Dark_Shadow I will day Shadow has slightly better lists but HaiThere makes up for it with his passionate opinions and has really taken on remixing. Another user to have high hopes for in the coming months

Thanks for the inclusion (and explaining why I'm on this list.)

16 ProPanda
17 TheHabsFan
18 Powell

Okay, Powell was already #11 when I added this comment, but I am quite surprised that he wasn't higher. He's leading gen-20 for rather obvious reasons.

19 CubsFan16
20 LiamCoasterFan
21 Pnut

Best Gen-21 user. I get that some people like Dark_Shadow better (hence he is at #20,) but I think Pnut should be higher than #24.

I have a new post series and I just made the first episode. Feel free to check it out.

22 WWEWBMortalKombatFan
23 AlanaThePony

Aww thanks to whoever added me! :D

24 TheFriendlyMex
25 BlueTelegraph

He's a pretty OK dude. Glad we're in good terms after it's so long.

Thanks for the inclusion.

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