Top Ten Users That Should Join the Ghostbusters

Note: This list is just a joke. Please don't take it seriously.

The Top Ten

1 PositronWildhawk

Sounds like my lifelong dream... - PositronWildhawk

Ghost hunters are smart like him. - DynastiNoble

He's really smart. So he could think of many great ideas to cat h ghosts. - nintendofan126

2 BKallmighty

He's a movie fan, so I'm sure he would like to be a ghostbuster. - nintendofan126

I WOULD like to be a Ghostbuster! I would probably be the "Stantz" of the group, but I'd take "Venkman" any day. - BKAllmighty

3 samanime

He says he's a horror loving guy, so he would make a great member! - nintendofan126

4 Garythesnail

He's a nice guy. Maybe he could make friends with the ghost? - nintendofan126

5 Keyson

He would make a good ghost catcher. - nintendofan126

6 turkeyasylum

He ain't afraid of no ghost! - nintendofan126

7 Enternal_laughter

She's also likes horror. So she would like catching ghost. - nintendofan126

Who wouldn't want her on the team? - PositronWildhawk

8 therandom

I think would be cool if he joined the ghostbusters! - nintendofan126

9 Epicjake

I would be awesome too see him bust some ghosts! - nintendofan126

I'll join when I feel like it. - EpicJake

10 Puga

As dog join the ghost busters? Sure! I don't see who not? - nintendofan126

The Contenders

11 Britgirl

Why should all the boys have the fun?

12 nintendofan126

Me? Join the ghostBusters? Well, if you say so. - nintendofan126

13 DynastiNoble
14 BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

Oh no, not him... I heard he was a troll, so make him join the ghosts so he can get busted by the other users on the list!

15 Kosdff
16 Matt92647
17 DynastiSugarPop
18 TeenTitansGoSucks
19 egnomac
20 Jay12
21 BoyGenius234
22 Sausagelover99
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