Reacting To December 2017 :(

Hello everyone! It’s lovefrombadlands and today I’m going to be reacting to my old comments from my least favorite time and talking about how horrible those comments are. Without further ado, let’s begin the torture because I don’t want so see anything about my old self!

One more thing: this post contains comments from users that they may regret saying or have changed since then, so please do not judge any users based on this post.

So, let’s start out with that piece of trash...I mean list that I regret making. Let’s take a look at this conversation that doesn’t make that much sense.

“I mean, considering that Rainbow is your least favorite album of 2017 and Praying is your least favorite song ever made, you must know the story behind both...right? Oh...wait..” -Dcfnaf

“Why do you go on almost everything I do and insult it?” - lovefrombadlands

“It’s not that I’m insulting you, it’s that you’re stating blatant lies about artists that you don’t like solely because you don’t like them. There is a story behind Kesha's album and song and this entry implies that there’s none. That’s called a lie. And if it isn’t a lie, then you don't know what you’re talking about”. -Dcfnaf
I was actually saying an opinion, but you know.

“But that's not even what I'm saying, I never said that Kesha's album doesn't tell a story!” - lovefrombadlands

“Here’s the thing though: You Made a list of reasons why Halsey is better than Kesha. One of those reasons is that Halsey's albums tell a story. That tells me that you think Halsey is better than Kesha because Halsey's albums tell a story, which inherently implies that Kesha supposedly doesn’t have any stories to tell. That’s my problem with this entry.” -Dcfnaf

"Hopeless Fountain Kingdom in it's own was a story. Rainbow was just written to express something that happened to Kesha. I think that's what he/she means". - ProPanda
That is exactly what I meant, but why is someone being nice to December 2017 me?

"Yes! Thank you ProPanda! That is what I mean." - lovefrombadlands

"@ProPanda and LFBL I see. Thanks for clarifying. You’re in the clear." - DCfnaf
This is kind of unrelated, but it kind of annoys me when people think Badlands is 2 words, because it's 1.

So, that's all for that list, now let's go onto other lists and see the horrifyingness of December 2017.
“That sounds like a nice name. also, I'm Lia and I'm not mean, but there is a mean person in my sister's class named this.” I’m not mean. I’m not mean. This is a lie, considering I said this is a certain month.

“bad lyrics.” (Worst Songs Of 2017 - ***shot by Cupcakke) Sure the song’s lyrics are bad, but I could’ve said it in a better way with a capital letter at the beginning.

“I love my username!” This was said while selfishly adding myself to Best Usernames.

“Halsey! Lorde is bad and all of her songs sound the same. Halsey is the best singer ever and all of her songs are so different and amazing. But still all 11/10...How does the best singer ever do it? We will never know...” Yeah, remember when I used 11/10 as an adjective?

“Crayfish are bait for crabs or lobsters or something.” When you’re trying to make a point but you don’t understand what you’re making a point about.

“I know a bully on the top tens, at least to me.” People did bully me in December. I wanted to quit, but I obviously didn’t because I’m right here!

“Ok, the picture already scares me. Kids should not play this. Ok, I'm gonna stop looking at that pic now. EK!” Is “ek” a word? What was I saying?

“Hey Siri.” Now that’s a bad comment. Let’s get back to the normally scheduled reply fights!

“An absolutely reprehensible artist. The most infuriating thing about her is that all of her songs tend to mesh the adjectives "boring" and "annoying" into one. "Now or Never" and "Not Afraid Anymore" anyone?” -DCfnaf

“Her songs are the adjectives best and beautiful with amazing songs like Haunting, Control, Not Afraid Anymore, Colors. Please just stop insulting Best Singer Ever AKA Halsey” - lovefrombadlands
Dear old self, please allow people to dislike whatever artist they want. Unsincerely, me.

“Colors is the only good one to me.
And I refuse to like an artist who doesn’t even know what genre she is.” -DCfnaf

“Halsey is alt-pop. And hopeless fountain kingdom, Halsey wanted that to be proof that she can write radio music, proving that the best singer ever is extremely talented. Do you even know all of Halsey's songs?” - lovefrombadlands

“She claims she’s an alternative artist, but she isn’t because if she was, she wouldn’t be making formulaic pop songs like "Bad at Love". To be alternative, you need to be the opposite of pop music. Her songs are pop. She also says Kendrick Lamar is a pop artist and that Lady Gaga is Alternative, so she doesn't know what she’s talking about.” - DCfnaf

“Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, Halsey said she was giving proof that she could write radio music! And Lady Gaga used to be alternative.” - lovefrombadlands
Didn’t I already say that?

“I’m not denying that, I’m just denying that she’s alternative. She sounds like every pop act in recent memory. If she didn’t want to be pop, she certainly wouldn’t have worked with The Chainsmokers or anything like that.
And Lady Gaga was not Alternative. The Fame is as pop as pop music can get, no doubt about it. "Just Dance", "Poker Face", "Paparazzi", "LoveGame"... - DCfnaf

“Now that I'm looking at these comments, I kinda feel like I never said she was alternative. Halsey is alt-pop” - lovefrombadlands
And then there were no more replies because no one cared about my bad arguments!

“Someone get rid of this retarted idiot.” -visitor

“Someone get rid of this lying comment I just replied to.” - lovefrombadlands
Now that’s a bad response if I ever saw one.

“If she’s a retarded idiot, that’s his/her opinion. No need to get angry over it.” - MindCrime
This is why I don’t like December 2017. Sometimes people think my old garbage replies are recent.

“@me Hey look, it’s my old bad reply!” - lovefrombadlands

It was an old bad reply, wasn’t it!

So anyway, thank you for reading! Bye!


Oh, god damn it, I thought that retarded idiot comment was directed at something else, I’m so sorry. - visitor

It’s fine. - visitor

You were a horrible user, lol. - visitor

I know, right! - visitor

You must really hate December 2017. lol - TheFourthWorld

How did you know! - visitor

Then I came around and resurrected the path you seek today. - htoutlaws2012

Don't worry. You're a good user now. - 150040

...I can’t believe this was HQ. - visitor