Allamassal: A Timeline

allamassal Today (November 17, 2018) marks one year since the day I joined TheTopTens. Time flies...

November 2017
I joined TheTopTens on November 17, 2017. I started out a user who would just write rants about how pathetic songs were. Highlights include me adding What About Us to the list of Most Overplayed Songs of 2017 (the first thing I did after I joined), while some things I'd like to forget include that garbage rant comment about Love So Soft, and my trash reply to someone who liked that song.

December 2017
This month for me was largely a continuation of November 2017. I made my first remix (Worst Songs of All Time), and my comment about What About Us starting with "I don't see why everyone loves this song. It's not that good." which for a while was my most liked comment, but I did reply to someone who liked What About Us, telling them to get their ears checked and implying that that song was not real music, which I deleted before the end of the year.

January 2018
I don't remember many TheTopTens experiences I had in this month, but some highlights of this month include my first post (Most Overplayed Songs in 2017 - My view), and my comment about Obama and Trump on the list of Worst U. S. Presidents.

February 2018
This month was somewhat similar to January 2018. I made my first list (Most Annoying Things About Music), and I began adding What About Us to lists like Bad Songs that Get Stuck in Your Head, but I also made my remix of Scariest YouTube Videos (which completely changed the list).

March 2018
This was the month when my What About Us bashing was in full swing. Highlights include my lists of Top Ten YouTube Videos that Get Stuck in Your Head, and Things that Make "What About Us" by Pink Overrated (which I posted on my 14th birthday).

April 2018
Highlights include when I started going against vote-spammers, and my lists of Most Annoying Earworms of 2017 and 2018, and Whiniest Songs of All Time, though I added Book Club to the list of Worst Movie Trailers simply because I hated Love So Soft (the song in the trailer).

May 2018
This month was... okay. Highlights include when I wrote my current most-liked comment on the list of Most Emotional Pop Songs, while things I'd like to forget include the night of May 14 when one of my lists (Catchiest Songs of 2018) was returned for the first time (because 3 of the songs on the list were released before 2018, but 2 of those songs came out as singles in 2018).

June 2018
June was really the turning point for me. I became much more respectful of other people's opinions than I was last year. I only made one list in this month (Top Ten 2017 Songs Overplayed in 2018), but I made 3 posts, 2 of them being reviews on Love So Soft and What About Us (the latter went HQ on July 4th).

July 2018
Not much happened this month, except for my list of Most Annoying Earworms of All Time, which was my only list that month. I wrote my 1,000th comment around July 25.

August 2018
In this month, I made my lists of Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself when Hating a Song, Song Titles that Could Describe the Song Itself, and Worst Songs that Hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2017 and 2018. Basically as soon as that list was approved, an anonymous visitor began adding a bunch of 2018 hit songs that didn't hit #1, and on August 31 they even added a Metallica song from the 80s. Also, in the middle of this month, I began hating on the Drake song In My Feelings.


The last 3 months are missing because I had an issue where when I tried to save the draft, it would just sit on "Saving..." for eternity, and the "Submit" button did the same thing, which was apparently because my post was just too long. - allamassal

Yeah man, you've made a lot of progress with your content, especially your lists
Keep it up m8 - StarlightSpanks