Tribute To EvilAngel & UltimateHybridX

For so long now, long before I discovered TheTopTens, this site has been made better by two huge names in the business. In their own way, everyone makes some impact on the site; whether it's by making a new kind of humourous blog series, notably detailed remixes, or changed how people see different kinds of people, TopTenners matter. These TopTenners have mattered a lot to the community, to the quality of this site, and to me. Now they are gone, and this is indeed a tragic loss.

EvilAngel and UltimateHybridX were internet rarities: they were committed to doing a good job from day one, and boy, did they do a good job. If you go into the stats, you'll see EA with over 700 lists, and UHX with over 100, but if you look across their profiles, you'll see that neither of them compromised listmaking quality for these numbers. Being less experienced in their music genre, I'm not go good at judging their judgements, but they wouldn't just slap a few items here and there and submit. They each made a strong case, in intricate detail, as to why they've made their decisions, being opinionated but without prejudice to disagreement. That brings us on to their remixes, their multi-paragraph and all-inclusive remixes, which EvilAngel stated himself were more important to him than his lists. That tells you a lot. EA and UHX wouldn't for one second let internet idiots bring down the quality of their works, and it was indeed in their best interests to keep their hard work running across TheTopTens for all to notice. Does it make a difference? Yes. It was their remixes of lists like best songs that made me, as a relatively new member at the time, buckle down and grind harder. It is because of that that my best songs remix, as well as several of my original lists, such as top ten philosophical demons, have the meticulous explanations that they do. As gemcloben said, htoutlaws2012 may have the most remixes, but because of the work that has been put into them, that no user aside from UHX has done the same way, EvilAngel is the remix king.

They both had an excellent, intelligent sense of wit as well. EvilAngel was a character who had a deadpan side to minor irritations. He wouldn't let such things bother him, and he'd often have the right attitude. He's interjected a few of my humour lists with a perfect addition. UltimateHybridX made a post series for us to share amusing anecdotes, making it one of the funniest and most interactive series in the site's history. I take my hat off to him for bringing these users together, including some that didn't exactly like each other.
As members of the community, they were each invaluable. From before my time, they were shouting out to incredible users whose careers had stumbled when getting off the ground. Furthermore, they continued for the rest of their careers to do so, including regarding rookie Wildhawk as a massive asset to TheTopTens. That meant a lot to me, and I'm sure it meant a lot to so many others. But it wasn't just getting people popular; they knew too well that popularity was by no means the most important thing. It was support for when people needed it. Garythesnail has told me in detail how UHX was such an inspiration to him; he learned from him that life was worth living because it was full of opportunities. UHX is a caring character who can see when someone needs someone who cares, which, as of today, is no common thing. And when lovemusic was here, EA was probably the first to notice how troubled she was inside. He definitely saw it before me, and I spoke to her on a daily basis. He reached out to her, consoled her, and that gesture is something that not everyone gets when they need it most. In addition, EA put out an inspiring post about his emotionally stressful past life. For most of us, it was hard to imagine him feeling like he was feeling, but he showed us there that even the most seemingly confident and able of people have their troubles. And knowing how many people here look up to me, I can confirm that this is true.

But most importantly of all, they supported each other. EvilAngel and UltimateHybridX will be known as a dynamic duo, just like Britgirl and I. They shared with each other pretty much anything that came under the sun, from music to TV, from honesty to perseverance, and they worked strongly as a team. They've been expanding each others' horizons since day one, and inspired each other to make their works stand out. They may have made a substantial impact if either one never coincided with TheTopTens, but I doubt that either one would be nearly as detail-oriented, or even as motivated to doing a good job, if it were not for each other. That is why I hold the community as a whole in high regard.

As a final thought, with the loss of these prominent and highly respected role models, it is worth thinking about what we can do to commemorate their works. Today, good lists and posts are running thin, and it is people like EvilAngel and UltimateHybridX that wouldn't let the sloppy quality of things dominate. Let their departure be an incentive to make us all commit to TheTopTens, to make lists and blogs that don't compile nonsensical jargon that any random bloke with internet access will steal from Reddit, and are original, intuitive, well-written, powerful; everything that EA and UHX are. Knowing that EvilAngel is going on to study business, and UltimateHybridX training to be a doctor, I wish them both sweet, sweet triumph in their dreams. And I think, friends, it's worth commenting below, to say how EvilAngel and UltimateHybridX have impacted you.


Now, I wasn't exactly close to either of them as I am to you, Positron, but I enjoyed looking at their lists and comments. It's sad they left. - RiverClanRocks

I believe UHX's last message was to me. He sent me a message about my latest blog series saying "i can not be in it, I am retiring, no joke." he sent another consecutive message saying his profile will explain everything. Then he went offline straight away. It felt like someone dyeing in front of your eyes. Evilangel is still coming on to message, so I guess I am not really as sad, and I had always though evilangel was on the edge of retiring since the day I met him. But UHX was a complete surprise. - muffinkid

EA and UHX have both been fixtures on TheTopTens for as long as I can remember. Adjusting to a site without them will feel weird.

I think the best memories I have are of last year and the previous year's Christmas Countdowns. That's how I first messaged each.

If you're reading this, fellows, I wish you the best. - PetSounds

Thank you so much for that. That is by far my favourite blog and I've screenshot every part of it to remember. I never realised I had had such an impact. Based on that, there's no way I could ever walk away from you guys... So I will definitely appear from time to time to message you, see how you guys are. But I feel my time editing this site is over... And I am waiting for a message from UHX as to why he has left.
Thank you Pos for that incredible post, It means more than I can tell you - EvilAngel

EvilAngel inspired me to work harder on remixes, and UHX was very supportive of my post series. I'll miss them both. Good luck to them. - IronSabbathPriest

UltimateHybrid was a friend of mine on this site.. Very well written post Positron. - MontyPython

They both did a great job - JaysTop10List

EvilAngel, as far as I can remember, was the first ever person to message me. Is it because of those first impressions of kind and welcoming people that I decided that this site was worth staying on, and I very much thank those people for that. UHX and I never interacted, but his impact on the site is evident. In the end, I wish both of them the BEST of lucks and hope they'll be on every now and again regardless. - keycha1n

I am feeling very sad because UHX left, he shouldn't have, he just shouldn't have :( - Ananya

It's actually sad that they left the site, ): But, I wish them luck and the best. - Mumbizz01

Didn't know EvilAngel was going, but my heart sank at the thought of Hybrid leaving. Hybrid was my first follower, someone who also had very similar musical interests, and he was a very good fellow. When I last saw his profile he said he was retiring (meaning his account is still accessible, thankfully, but he's not going to be on the site anymore). As for EvilAngel, yeah, his activity isn't what it used to be, but then again, he also had similar interests and was another friendly guy. They both will be remembered. - NuMetalManiak

I'm missing UBX a lot :( - Ananya

The way EA and UHX have influenced my music tastes and likes, I really doubt anyone can have that great of impact on me in that respect as they have. My respect to both of you guys. Keep being awesome! And UHX, best of luck for your college. You both rock, men! - Kiteretsunu

Why does every good member retire before I get to know them. - MrQuaz680

Their dedication towards providing consistently high-quality material is their legacy. They will be surely missed on the site. - BKAllmighty

EvilAngel and UltimateHybridX were my main inspirations for making good remixes on music. They had a great impact on me being a user on this site as one of my most loyal followers. It's a big loss for me, for us, and for TheTopTens that both are leaving. :( - visitor

😕 - Forsaken

I can't just leave like UHX has... I can't. I suddenly realized after only a short absence that I was doing the very thing to everyone else that UHX has done to me by leaving so suddenly... That would be really selfish of me. So no. I have decided against it. And you know the main reason? This blog, and all the comments on it. Showing me I made more impact than I thought I had and would be more missed than I thought I would be. Thank you so much to all of you. I am going to stay, it is just a shame that this post still very much applies to UHX... Why man - EvilAngel

There great users - visitor

They're awesome - TwilightKitsune