Farewell, TheTopTens!

Okay, so I guess people here have been asking where I've gone lately and why I have been inactive for the last three weeks. .I've been here on the site for 19 months, and 13 months with the site community. It's been a fun time to be on this site during those days, because it has helped me gain a deeper insight on things, and it has changed at least some major aspects of my life, especially in terms of dealing with things and asserting my point of view on them. But today, I guess I'll have to retire. Now, there's a possibility of them asking why, and I guess I'll have to make a fairly long explanation for this.

First of all, I just came to this site to make content and share my opinions, and not just goof around with the rest of the users. I've dabbled too much into community issues and worried so much about popularity in user ranking lists and my own reputation, thus having cliche lists and posts that are considered as pathetic excuses of content which contribute little to no value in the course of this site as a site where you are supposed to make lists and share opinions aimed at the general public instead of making content intended for the community as the sole audience which turned this site into a forum where people just criticize or give shoutouts towards each other. This kind of interaction has destroyed the main purpose of me going on this site, and destroyed my time to devote in making even more productive content due to obsession with popularity, reputation and quantitative low-quality contributions. Instead of treating this site as a serious and informative site (except for the humor category), I treated it like it was social media. These actions of mine have been inconsistent with my stand on certain community issues, mostly about my complaints about community-related lists and my pro-policy sentiment.

Not only that, but I've felt like my life almost revolved around this site for the past 12 months, and I want to change that. It seems like interacting too much on this site has almost taken a toll on my interaction with people in the real world. I mean, I'm actually having fun in real life now more than when I joined the site community. While I have made certain controversial statements whether on site and/or community issues or not, I have stated my opinions too aggressively, and while I believe it's fine to go on a persuasive position, it's not done in an assertive manner, which made me prone to flame wars taken on a personal level. While I do not take disagreements personally, I'll have to admit that I also take grudges towards certain users, and sometimes have the tendency to make indirect propaganda against them and criticize them in such a way that it is more than what is typical and necessary, and with the newer users as target audience due to impatience in terms of disagreements.

Furthermore, while I have participated in a campaign against hypersensitivity and political correctness within the site's community, which I am still strongly against, another problem I have had on this site was ineffective communication. There are times when I may not be able to state my intent clearly, and due to my straightforward way of saying things, I come off as an aggressive person whose intent is misinterpreted, which makes my disagreements with other users very prone to personal attacks, aggression, and negative perception of me as a person instead of my opinion being criticized assertively. This is also why I am going to clear up disagreements before I completely leave the site.

Due to my actions being inconsistent with my stand on community issues plus the unproductive content I have been making as an excuse for "stating my opinion" on this site, people would ask, why not change instead of ask for sympathy through a retirement post and subsequent retirement? Well, I made this post because I had to realize that my actions here were a blunder, and while I do not believe that all of them were, I would like to simply point these out as a reminder for myself and for the rest of the users to not commit such actions anymore. I just want to get all of these off my chest and end it once and for all. Not to mention that I don't have time anymore to change towards the way I desire to be like, due to a very tight and busy schedule that would keep me out of the site in then next 7 years.

Despite of all that, I would still acknowledge and thank the people in this community for helping me gain a deeper insight on things, in helping me deal with arguments, with how I am now able to craft skills in reasoning through writing at least, and for helping me change in certain aspects of myself. I thank you guys for the experience, for everything I have learned and for all the support. And of course, if you still disagree with me on things in such a way that you don't like me for them, feel free to talk to me about them, and let's resolve such things. I'm not doing this to ask for sympathy, I'm also doing this to gain final insights about me and feedback towards me leaving the site and also feedback towards me as a user. You guys still have at least one last chance to ask questions: I'm completely retiring in the 24th of June.

I still believe in the newer generation of users here, and for all the active members on this site, I still believe in you guys. I still support you guys and I can foresee this site to become a better site in the future, even without me and the other users who have retired. Sometimes people can't just stay on the site forever. So yes, this is a goodbye.

If you still want to contact me outside the site, or are interested in making conversations with me, you may still contact me on these sites:

Skype - avexcillado747
Instagram -@velitelcabal
Twitter - @VelitelCabal
Pinterest - @VelitelCabal
Facebook - Velitel Cabal (@VelitelCabal)

Goodbye TTT, Goodbye guys!


Godspeed, you magnificent bastard. Godspeed. - visitor

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Just let him rest in peace. - visitor

You've been great as a user. Food luck. - IronSabbathPriest

Kill me - IronSabbathPriest

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Good luck. You have been great. - Martinglez

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Farewell, mate. It was great knowing you. - WonkeyDude98

Good luck,and farewell m8,it has been nice knowin ya - Nateawesomeness

Best wishes,mate,and good luck in the future! - UltimateHybridX

Bye, you've been a good user. - Skullkid755

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Bye. You've been a great user. - Elina

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Man, another great user is retiring. This sucks =( I wish the best for your future. Bye! - cosmo

I'm going to miss you, buddy. Really. While it's a shame that your time here was so short-lived, what matters more than anything is that you made that short amount of time mean something to you and to those who knew you. You will be hearing from me in the future, I promise you that. Cheers, mate. - BKAllmighty

Ahh no - 2storm

You are my muncher
My curry muncher
You help me when computer technicians are nigh - Puga

Goodbye. You've been a great user - visitor

Good luck out there Jared. We may not have seen eye to eye, but I enjoyed having you around. - Therandom

I always miss you Jared, My blessing are always with you , take care - Righteous

Also, don't you mean July 24th? - Therandom

Yeah lol - visitor

Easily one of the best members. This site really won't be as good without you. You shouldn't leave, just don't come on as often, it needn't be an all or nothing thing. - EvilAngel

Yeh, that's the part I don't get about so many who "retire" - why not just cut down on your participation and possibly visit from time to time? Is it possibly the addictive nature that makes it seem like it must be all or nothing, or the lack of a definitive label for one's status? - Billyv

This site has been too addicting that it distracts me from studies. - visitor

You've been an amazing user! I know I'll miss having you around on this site. But best of luck with everything, and thanks for being an outstanding contributer to thetoptens! - Flowersocks2137

It was great knowing you mate.you helped me a lot in this site and it was a really great experience knowing and chatting with you.godspeed mate - Toucan

Good luck. You surely made an impact here with various and prolific contributions and influence. - Billyv

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Deleting my account later. Goodbye TTT. - visitor