Top 10 Users of TheTopTens Who Could Join PositronWildhawk and Britgirl to Make a Good Trio

The Top Ten

1 Kiteretsunu

Great list, my friend. Kiteretsunu is an excellent guy, but I don't really know who'd make the third. But I guess anything could happen. - PositronWildhawk

2 Bobbythebrony

Sounds good. Britgirl can be Franklin Clinton. PositronWildhawk can be Michael De Santa and I can be Trevor Phillips. - bobbythebrony

A brony? With positron? This idea is really bad - DubstepLover

Dude, you like the show too. I know you want to be a troll but you can try not to epically fail at it - bobbythebrony

3 Evilangel
4 Subhashsahu
5 Kormo
6 keyson

No. This won't work. He would just get jealous of positronwildhawk giving britgirl attention. In my opinion, positronwildhawk and britgirl are cute as a non romantic duo.

As long as he cares about positron to and not just britgirl - Nateawesomeness

Sounds like a love triangle anime. - RoseWeasley

Wow, then you 3 is like a love traingle or something like romeo and juliet - Princesssmooth

7 Turkeyasylum
8 PetSounds

I've collaborated with both of them, but in the end, they're best as a pair. - PetSounds

I'm surprised he wasn't on this list originally! - Wolftail

9 Gemcloben

I'm friends with positronwildhawk, but britgirl doesn't even follow me... - gemcloben

10 Lukestheman4

The Contenders

11 CartoonsGirl
12 htoutlaws2012

He has the highest Remixes and Lists, so yeah! - micahisthebest

Yeah! - TheFourthWorld

13 Irina2932
14 Simpsondude
15 Superhyperdude

Did I inspire this list? Just out of interest. - IronSabbathPriest

16 keycha1n
17 xandermartin98
18 jmepa123

Thanks for adding this whoever did I also think my other account would make a good trio - jmepa1234

19 Magnolia
20 Therandom
21 MatrixGuy
22 Funnyuser

Funnyuser has been in the trio for a year now. - TopTensFan

Oh, cool, thanks! I mostly collaborate with PositronWildhawk, but I might have collaborated with Britgirl, I don't remember though. - funnyuser

23 Moldysock
24 LoboMaloso
25 Froogylowlo
26 VelitelCabal
27 drdevil
28 Unicorn
29 istooduptoabully
30 Alexandr
31 Minecraftisawesone
32 Kevinsidis
33 Nova1987
34 Maddox121
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