Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Have Improved Over Time

So, we have good users, bad users, and even users who changed in negative and
positive ways on here. I'm making user ranking lists rarely but this should improve over my best nerds one.

The Top Ten

1 ModernSpongeBobSucks

Thank you so much for complimenting my Sword Art Online review post! I appreciate it! Wait, there are users who have a lot of hype for me? I guess I am getting pretty popular now. Anyways, thanks for the compliment.

I am currently trying to cut down on my hypersensitivity. Yeah, I kind of cringe looking back at my butthurt comments. I don't want people to start thinking that I'm an autistic brat.

Trust me, at the time I write this comment, I think I'm much better now compared to my early cringe worthy days as a TopTenner.

I Thought he was a weeaboo but I was wrong he said some stupid stuff I disagreed in the past but as I looked deeper He wasn't that bad like I thought he was. He is someone with a common sense who is popular on this site! we lack people like him on this site.

2 CastlevaniaFanboy128

He started off good, but now he is a reason TheTopTens is a better game review site than ign.

If the dishonourable Mentions becomes a reason you don't want to approve this list, just edit it out instead of sending the list back. Please.

3 BoredJeff02

Improved I have... when I created this account I took al of the criticism from my old account and matured from it. Basically changing and not being the same as my old account. I still like TDG I just don't obsess over them like I used to. Overall evolving into a better user lel.

4 darthvadern

Vastly improved recently.

He pretty much went from an annoying Zootopia basher to the founder of the Waluigi Hate-Resistance on TheTopTens

5 Turkeyasylum

He himslef even said he's more proud of his new stuff than old stuff.

6 UltraLunalaX
7 SirSkeletorThe3rd

What happened to him? Did he get banned or something?

Him and Catacorn are dating.

At first, he was good, but now, he has made one of my favorite post series's.
Please return soon skelly.

8 RockFashionista

She was good when she started, now, she has some of the best content here.

9 bobbythebrony

I've had some mishaps here and there but I've improved on this site

This dude is another of many users on here who went from good to great.
If you want to live, don't meet him in real life.

I can be vicious to people but I would never hurt someone I care about - bobbythebrony

10 Puga

I like his puga stuff more than his pug stuff.

Imagine me not being first, went from saying woof to rustling SevenLizards and confirming that Jared is a paki.

The Contenders

11 htoutlaws2012

Who knew that a user who had joined in the later years of TheTopTens would go on to become the remix king and the user with the highest member score? I must say, I really look up to htoutlaws2012.

12 Nateawesomeness

He was good at first, but now, he is proof that young ain't bad.

Thank you SkullKid,and I have to agree,at first I was a raging fan boy sort of,but now,I am very succesful and I might get 100 followers in 2-5 months,and yes,being young isn't bad

13 Skullkid755

He finally made a post that got classified as high-quality. I'm proud of him.

I am more proud of 2016 me than 2015 me.

14 SwagFlicks
15 WonkeyDude98
16 2storm
17 CrypticMemory

Thanks to whoever added me

18 NickelodeonYesAddminNo

He was originally LeRoiDesSapins and infamously got in a feud with B1ueNew. However he has reformed nicely on his NickelodeonyesAddminNo account.

19 velitelcabal

Check my older blogs and compare them with my latest. I think you know what I mean.

20 445956

Yes, I know submitting myself is arrogant, but I have my 1 year anniversary on the site tomorrow. And what I can say is that my old content was horrid. All I did was hate on Lil Yachty. And I made the list of reasons why 2017 is worse than 2016, and the admin refuses to delete it. But in more recent years, I can say my content has improved.

21 Userguy44
22 Therandom

Therandom did the best blog posts of TheTopTens

I like the way he acts like he loves btdr, it's funny. And, in my opinion.
HvV >random challenges

23 TheEvilNuggetCookie

When I first saw him, I thought he was just a troll who liked Modern SpongeBob. But as I saw him make strong contributions to this website with his more recent lists, I grew to love TheEvilNuggetCookie as a user.

24 Thebestuser
25 Kevinsidis

Soon I will.I promise

Well, I did it.

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