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Thanks for noticing! I do take pride in liking metal.

I'm first? You have made my day.


An awesome user he is.

He doesn't have many lists, but the lists he does have are very good and well thought out. He also has some informative comments.
EDIT: He has quite a lot of good lists now as well.

Quite a few lists from what I've seen, including some days of adding several at a time - Billyv

From what I've seen, Metal_Treasure definitely knows an awful lot about metal and is extremely passionate about it!

Great knowledge about music


Ryan already knows a lot about metal and I feel he wants to know more. He's a quick learner. Most of his comments are very informative.
I guess he did some serious research for several of his lists and he did a great job (Top 10 Metal Bands That Don't Sing In English, Top 10 Best French Metal Bands, Top 10 Metal Bands Formed After 2000).

He's nice, knowledgeable, absolutely chill and friendly, I admire him a lot.
He's always gonna be my favourite metalhead.

A really cool guy

All of them are great, But he is #1 in my opinion
Then comes all the ones on my remix


Gemcloben is really interested in metal - he will learn and discover more.
Update1: unfortunately he hasn't been active since the beginning of 2016 (last list circa Feb 2016).
Update 2, as of April 2019: he made a list in the very end of Dec 2018, after almost 3 years of absence but that was a single activity - he didn't continue. I'd love to see him back.

I'm second!? And 2 of my best friends on this site are in the top 3 with me!


Awesome guy!


It's a pleasure being here, with this rank! (#5)
There are many metalheads on this site, all of them have their choices in metal, and I have my own.

I used to a member of this site, a metal fan, too. I have really admired her love for metal, good job, AnanyA

Great metalhead


Hey, I should be back on 2! Oh we'll, at least I'm on top 3...


Can't believe again this guy wasn't here yet. He has a good taste in metal music and he makes great lists. He can be the second Metal_Treasure.

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? Rainfrost

I love metal

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I spell my name with a K because it alludes to nu metal bands that have deliberate mispellings (Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Staind, Korn, etc.). Also, I like more than just that of course.


Isn't this a renamed version of the list I made: "top ten metalheads on TheTopTens"?


This guy impressed me the most - he's a mature metalhead. He knows a lot and his comments are spot on.
But I think he hasn't been on this site for long time. Judging by his comments he probably decided he was wasting his time. I can understand that - he loves true metal but on this site usually fans of commercial /pop metal prevail and this can drive fans of true metal to deep despair.

I highly recommend to check out his list: Most Technical Heavy Metal Bands.
It has a great description and all items have cool descriptions as well. I don't agree with absolutely all details (it's not necessary) but I definitely share his views and taste in general.


Thanks for adding me. Yes I love metal. I've listened from a lot of foreign metal bands (especially from my country).

Thanks for adding me.even though I m not a big metalhead,but I do love metal.and thanks again for adding me,whoever did.


I love his Nine Inch Nails review series.

This guy is very smart. His lists and comments are very insightful.
Last week I saw a list, which was lots of fun - "Top Ten Worst Songs to Play On a First Date".


Not all metal, but there are a bunch of bands I like. Well, I have been growing more into metal now.

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