Top 10 Users On TheTopTens Who Make Great Friends

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1 garythesnail

Easy to relate with. Great to have a conversation with. And a very good friend of mine. One of my best friends on TheTopTens

He's nice, funny, and is a pleasure to talk to.

Thank you for adding me!

He is nice to me

2 PositronWildhawk

He is a cool and nerdy person.

He's a great friend for anyone to have, full stop

What's not to like?

He is really cool

3 Therandom

Thanks for adding me monty!

He's a good friend

4 Billyv

My vote goes for him, he is awesome

I'm just saying this, when he messages you he always says something nice. Always.

Awesome guy with impeccable taste.

Yes, but he still wouldn't belong to any club that would accept him as a member.
And, somehow, he still counts you among his closest and appreciated online friends, so go figure... - Billyv

Wow Thanks Monty, PS, Ananya - Truly Appreciate all of you as well
Very touched, surprised and honored.

5 MontyPython

She's so nice and awesome, she's great to talk to

The best friend I've met on this site. (no offense)

She is a great friend!

6 ladybug375
7 Britgirl

Nicest on this site. Can I find a nice person than her. If so who?

Britgirl is great! She's Super nice.

She's long been a good friend of mine here.

It's not the perfume that she wears; it's not the ribbons in her hair…

8 samanime

Thanks for adding me!

Samanime is really nice!

9 PetSounds

Him, Pos and Kris are all tied for best friends on this site for me, Pet must be on this list! A fantastic dude!

10 Ananya

The Newcomers

? PastelTheGamer

She's a great friend!

? Yoshiandaglover

She's really nice and friendly!

The Contenders

11 Eternal_Laughter

KRISS! She's friends with everybody and it always energetic and happy, I'm so glad she decided to come back!

Krissie has returned! She's still as amazing as always.

12 keycha1n
13 JaysTop10Lists
14 CloudofMercury

Amazing person to friends with

15 CartoonsGirl

She is definitely a good friend!

Yes! She is one of the best friends ever! :D

16 LeiaSkywalker
17 AlphaQ
18 nintendofan126

Thank you whoever added me!

19 Finch
20 cosmo

Cosmo is a really good friend!

21 AnonymousChick

Well, we're all doomed, I'm on a list. But seriously, thank you whoever added me.

22 TheFourthWorld

One of the nicest people in the WORLD, I know I’ve made that pun so muc already, but she’s really nice, and makes a great friend.

23 FlareLightX

he is friendly

he's an amazing friend to anyone

I enjoy chatting with you!

A great user and nice to chat too

24 Rustynail
25 DoroExploro13
26 Twigthesurvivordog

Thank you for the person who added me

such a nice person

Really nice and caring user :)


27 2Storm
28 RoseCandyMusic
29 MarioNinja101

She was a great friend but sadly she deleted her account

My thanks goes to the person that added me here

30 FrostfeatherofSnowClan

Very nice and fun to chat with!

She is so nice and cool

really great and kind!

31 Hawkfrostlover101

funny and nice

So nice

A great person to message :)

Nice and compassionate user :D

32 Gemcloben

I am actually on this? Can the user who added me please reply to this?

He Is An Awesome Friend

33 LizardKing99
34 jack2244
35 ModernSpongeBobSucks
36 NightmareCinema

The best user on this website. If you want to know why check out my list “Top Ten Qualities NightmareCinema has that makes him great.”

37 Marella

Thank you everyone!

A friendly and nice person

shes really n ice

38 BloodFang

Very fun and supportive


Really helpful and kind :)

39 DapperPickle
40 htoutlaws2012

His the friend that you should deserve!

41 xandermartin98
42 Castlevaniafanboy128

I just recently became friends with him! He seems cool and we have some the same interests!

43 TwilightKitsune

She is super friendly

44 Camaro6

I'm glad that she's one of my friends.

45 Userguy44

I try to be friendly to everyone

He’s a really great friend! We don’t talk as much as we used to but I still think he’s a great friend!

46 Pony

I will follow anyone, literally.

pony as in mlp?

47 Puga

Pug a is a great friend

48 Turkeyasylum
49 VideoGamefan5
50 TheTopTensFan
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