Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Should Collaborate On a List

The Top Ten

1 Britgirl and PositronWildhawk

The two big-shot Brits would make a truly awesome and hilarious list!

Tag Team Of All Time not only are they the Best of Friends They Thrive off each other!

Dream Team! - Curti2594

I love the friendship between these two. Very funny paring.

I love these two. I'm in love with Britgirl, though - she's a lady!

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2 lukestheman4 and EvilAngel

I'd like this (due to lukestheman4 having an awesome taste in music) but the only problem is this: collaboration isn't really possible on TheTopTens, as only one person makes one list. Rendering this list and all its items a little pointless. Still - EvilAngel

I would love to collaborate with EvilAngel, we have a ton in common and understand to respect other's opinions. If it's possible it'd be fun. - lukestheman4

3 Britgirl and emraldYE
4 PositronWildhawk and Epekov
5 Magnolia and Irina2932
6 PositronWildhawk and Danielsun182
7 MatrixGuy and Alexandr

Two legends who dominate the stats page for good reason.

8 booklover1 and EvilAngel
9 Britgirl and Epekov

I long to know what Britgirl looks like. She sounds nice. I imagine long hair, nice hands and eyes.

10 PositronWildhawk and Barry2013

Britgirl and Barry2013 have collaborated before, and it was a great list! Why would this be bad?

The Contenders

11 Britgirl and Irina2932
12 AdamShane1999 and Jake09
13 TopTenJackson and Anonymous
14 AbdRanamSalah and nooreldeen

Hardly anyone knows AbdRanamSalah.

15 admin and heather

What would they make the list about? - Lucretia

16 JaysTop10List and PositronWildhawk
17 Britgirl and Keyson
18 Britgirl and Britboy
19 Turkeyasylum and Britgirl

I'd love to make a collaboration with Britgirl! We could surely make one humorous list! - Turkeyasylum

20 Britgirl and Barry2013
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