Ludicrous Lists: Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Date Britgirl

Turkeyasylum The list is entitled "Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Date Britgirl". The creator is Britboy. I have seen this list several times, and I can easily say it is the creepiest list I have seen in my entire life. The users put on the list (Besides Keyson and Britboy) are either way too young to be dating her and/or are not interested in her at all. Let's see: SevenLizards is 13, PatrickStar is 10, Garythesnail is 13, and funnyuser is 11 (and female). And after funnyuser commented and said she's glad she isn't on the list, she gets on the list! Same thing happened to SevenLizards. Just to show how much trolling takes place on the list. That list has over 5 remixes, and they have different ways of putting people on there. Keyson and I ut Keyson, and that's it. Others put Britboy or themselves at number 1. I remember at one brief point, PositronWildhawk was put at number 1, because he was second on people's remixes, and people usually put EITHER Keyson or Britboy on their remixes. And people kept making random remixes with Keyson at number 1 JUST TO GET HIM at number 1. And there's also the negative effect the list had had on Keyson himself:

If you are unaware, Britgirl and Keyson had been dating long before the list was created. Then... Britboy's list of Who Should Date Britgirl came along. He (as in Britboy) put himself at number 1, and Keyson in second. The list had sparked quick controversy as everyone started to comment on it being creepy, and complained about how Keyson wasn't number 1. In fact, Keyson himself had added a small section to his profile, directly stating that Britgirl and him were dating, and said to the "coconut lovers with their heads in the moon", as he referred to the Britboy-type people trying to date her, saying Britgirl is his. His enragement is still known by most of the TopTenners here, and it also held some negative effect on other users. Here's Garythesnail's reaction to being on the list.

"Ok... this is a little bit unsettling. I mean, she's a good person and friend, but I don't like her like that. Anyway, if I did, I'm 10 years younger".

Pug (Yes, the classic Pug account), had claimed "We are friends. Nothing more.".

So, I hope people see the impact the list has made. And admin, please take the list off ths neloved gem of a site. Thank you for reading and goodbye.

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I know, right.
Someone made a clone of this list called "Top Ten TopTenner Who Should Date BritBoy" and "Top Ten TopTenner Who Should Date Yasmin1". Who makes creepy lists like that?! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Agreed! But britboy did state that he got over his "crush" (is it called a crush if you don't even know them? ), this list should still be removed though! I can only imagine how awkward it was for her to read a list of people 10-12 years younger than her! Ugh! - keycha1n

I agree. This list is just creepy. Users like PatrickStar, Pug, and many others are way too young. Keyson is the only one to recommend dating her. Even some females are on that list. This list is strange. - EpicJake

It was really creepy seeing females on the list. - Minecraftcrazy530

I agree. That troll thinks it's funny to add female users to the list! - visitor

Because it is funny - Puga

Ok that list is just a piece of junk - Blankitoff

The creepy actions of Britgirl, Puga (but moreso his haters, ) and other famous users is why I don't post here often. - kfcnyancat

Oh, and some user named JustinBieberLover made a list called "Top Ten Users Who Should Date PositronWildhawk". It's about as bad as the Britgirl one. - Minecraftcrazy530

All I'm saying is I'm too young to be added on to any of these lists. - FennikenFan9

Britboy is over her now, but yes the list is creepy. - Skullkid755