Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Would Be Outstanding Celebrities

The Top Ten

1 Britgirl

I'm sure the Queen would love to have some tea with the famous Britgirl! - keyson

Thank you, keyson, for putting me on this list. And thank you, Kiteretsunu; I do hope to become a physicist someday. But to avoid bias, I voted the obvious one. Britgirl. A true comedian in her own right. - PositronWildhawk

She's the best! Kind, funny and deserves to be first. Keyson obviously like her.

If she was famous I would just die because she is so nice! Unlike those other crappy posters and famous people out there with horrible personalities, she would be the perfect celebrity even though she already is one on TheTopTens! - NerdyPweeps

2 PositronWildhawk

I would want you to be a famous physicist like Hawking in the future. Hope you do your best! - Kiteretsunu

I want to be a scientist to but a forensic scientist but good luck - Draco

I also want to become a physicist - CityGuru

You deserve number one

3 keyson

Haha Keyson, I love you... ! Thank you for the compliment! Although I can't imagine what kind of a celebrity I'd make... Ho hum... =)
And you get my vote for being a such a sweetheart! - Britgirl

I had to put myself on this list, didn't I? - keyson

Nope,to much of a lovebird - Nateawesomeness

4 Puga
5 PetSounds

PetSounds would probably make a good cover artist for The Beatles songsā€¦ - Jetticus12

6 velitelcabal
7 Ajkloth

I'm actually really shy and a little boring so I didn't think that I would be anywhere near this list.
But thanks anyway

- Ajkloth

8 RiverClanRocks
9 keycha1n
10 happyhappyjoyjoy

The Contenders

11 JaysTop10List
12 Blue_Devereaux
13 admin

He could be the king of some country. - keyson

He is a celebrity, a website owner - FerrariDude64

14 andre56

He already is, apparently. - gemcloben

He's already a celebrity. - cosmo

I Hope Not, he's A Dick. - BeatlesFan1964

15 Alexandr
16 Kiteretsunu

He would be known for how nice he is. - funnyuser

Definitely. should, take my word for it! Go, go, Kman! - HezarioSeth

17 MatrixGuy
18 Jetticus12

Oh my god, Thanks for adding me for outstanding celebrities! I've always wanted to be an actor! - Jetticus12

19 Cartermd
20 nintendofan126
21 Jake09

I would proably something like a sieincetist - Jake09

22 Curti2594

Thank You but I'd be the Anti-Celebrity - Curti2594

23 MoldySock

I can totally see you being some kind of awesome comedian. - happyhappyjoyjoy

24 kormo
25 Subhashsahu

Thank you who had added my name in this list. - subhashsahu

26 Cityguru
27 Magnolia
28 SelfDestruct
29 Lem
30 xandermartin98
31 TwilightKitsune

I've always wanted to be a photographer or news reporter - TwilightKitsune

I can imagine that

32 HezarioSeth
33 ArpstaAmy333
34 JavierRocks
35 booklover1
36 roblist
37 istooduptoabully
38 NerdyPweeps
39 Sasukes_Princess

A funny and quirky personality unlike any other who would rock her fans. - PositronWildhawk

40 Ethanmeinster

Sorry, I just had to put myself up here. - ethanmeinster

41 Pug
42 Wolfythefree

Trololololol I nominated myself. With my luck, I will be bumped off this list though D: - wolfythefree

43 alexcousins
44 Minecraftcrazy530
45 Justinbieberlover
46 cosmo
47 Catacorn
48 ArchangelOfDeath
49 WonkeyDude98
50 jack2244
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