Top Ten Users On TheTopTens With More Than One Account

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1 Pug/Puga

I don't want to be associated with the first one, though.

He s got excellent blog posts, and most of all, a sense of humor.

2 Turkeyasylum/Drumline

The other account was made just in case this one gets hacked. But I may use it once in a while. - Turkeyasylum

3 LightningBlade/LightningTheSecond

Or rather jerk4life/ LightningBlade/ HallowedBeThyName/ LightningTheSecond LOL - HallowedBeThyName

4 lovefrombadlands/MediocrePopTrash

She has 20, a few of which she won’t let me tell anyone about - NightmareCinema

She’s had 5: lovefrombadlands, WaitByMaroon5, MediocrePopTrash, fruitPUNch, and... Gracie.

I have 11 accounts, lol.

5 SevenLizards/Cool7

He's a very nice user. He's also got many other accounts.

Also, SHOOT ME for that. - Turkeyasylum

6 MetalObsessed/Lucretia/Eil__een/BlackMetalDagger666/Music_Lover123/Metal2003
7 CerealGuy/The69thSnowmanOnEarth

Yes, he did have a second account. But he barely used it. - Turkeyasylum

8 AggressiveBlaze/ElectricCorpseSlayer/DarkenedBrutality
9 BlueDiamondFromNowhere/TheBlueDiamondFromNowhere

I think they are the same account, at least, but the second one wasn't really used. - Turkeyasylum

10 gemcloben/muffinkid

I don't use muffinkid. It is just a backup. I use it for notes.

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11 CostcoHotDogs/MindCrime

+This account - NightmareCinema

12 MrBrony8675309/MusicalPony

Yes, I did have to look up the numbers, but he had 2 accounts. Both of them are great. - Turkeyasylum

And now we have a third account: Pony - Pony

13 BoredJeff02/SomePersonYouHate
14 Randomator/Gametheorysucks

What...? I... I didn't expect that... I thought they were different people... - TheFourthWorld

I used to think they were two separate people - darthvadern

Really? Cool!

Wow, this changes a lot. I could’ve sworn they were different people. - PackFan2005

15 Wolftail/Mapleshade

She made the other account for a fresh start, but she uses both still. - Turkeyasylum

16 Comparisans/Comments

Well, they USED to be dual accounts... - Turkeyasylum

17 PetSounds/Beatles

They’re the same people? Nice! I love his usernames, especially the second one. (You guys know why lol)

18 MusicalPony/Pony
19 Drumline/Turkeyasylum
20 As/BigBrotherSucks

Yes As was my account but one day I forgot my password so I created this one instead - BigBrotherSucks

21 RoseCandyMusic/BlackVelvetdixE


22 Userguy44/BlueSphere

I deleted it because it was a trash account. It was supposed to be a back up account first, then it became a troll account and I pretended to be someone else. It was nowhere near as good as my main account

I've actually talked to this dude (BlueSphere). They're not the same person, just good friends.

He has another account?

23 happyhappyjoyjoy/cosmo

Really... never knew that was her actual first account.

24 Squidward48/Astro_Boy08

Unfortunately he deleted both of them. Still don’t know though why he always used both accounts at the same time. His new account proved that he came back stronger than ever

Now known as FlareLightX.

25 CharismaticKat/KatDaLegend

I think that was a troll account of her

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