Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts

Who will be the King or Queen of stinky farts?
YOU decide.
This list is meant to be a joke.
The Top Ten
1 BlueTopazIceVanilla

She is no longer active on TheTopTens. But why aren't these type of lists getting deleted. This list is very immature. So until deletion of the list, only vote her on top because she deserves being on the top on her lists about users with something weird or are hated.

She is nothing but one, so she should be in first place.

Seriously why is this a list?

I put myself at the bottom just to be fair.

2 xandermartin98
3 admin

Only heather knows. Only heather knows young grasshopper...

I smelled it so nasty

The stinkiest of all

4 RiverClanRocks

I disapprove of being on a list of immature, childish content. Especially being a connoisseur.

Yet another stupid list by BlueTopazIceVanilla. How mature (sarcasm).

This should be number 1 her farts are so stinky and disgusting!

5 Velitelcabel

I bet you put him in first place just because you dislike him. Just saying.

This list is awesome, and very mature. This is very original and I wonder who has a bad fart(sarcasm).

Farts are disgusting and unfunny.

6 Userguy44

Number 1 needed

7 Puga

Dogs can fart...

8 Discord1

BlueTopazIceVanilla how dare you put me on number 3! I don't even fart much! That's it you are grounded until this list gets removed! Go to your room right now!

9 RogerMcBaloney

I have rotten insides. Definitely should be number one.

Not to brag, but my farts are pretty stinky.

10 Disney1994
The Contenders
11 AlphaQ
12 Piplup
13 blst0033

I Didn't add myself.

14 BarneyTheDinosaurRocks
15 PositronWildhawk

I'm just waiting for PositronWildhawk's reaction.

16 KoolGuy999

Maybe KoolGuy2218. He's too busy with playing Call of Duty.

17 NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva
18 Bugger

God, this list is stupid. Who made this, a six year old obsessed with toilet humour?

He's too busy for that.

19 DonaldTrump

He likes to trump a lot

20 ihatetrump
21 ModernSpongebobSucks

No image of me? Sheesh, I'm getting tired of people not correctly capitalizing my username as it should be. That said, this list is immature. Dating lists are much funnier.

I knew someone was going to put him on the list.

22 BadBoiDrummer
23 Turkeasylum

She couldn't even spell his name right.

You've shown how immature you are BTIV(I don't care whether you have left or not).

24 nelsonerica
25 RaineSage

She should write a story about farts.

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