Users with Aspergers

This is the 45th list!! and it seems that the admin will not let me insert Lucretia because he banned her and he is saying that she does not exist and I know

The Top Ten

1 Kevinsidis

He’s great - Camaro6

2 RockFashionista
3 CrimsonShark
4 Disney1994
5 bobbythebrony
6 Cyri

Yes, this applies to me, both in the real world and my own. - Cyri

7 StevenUniverseIsAwesome
8 RalphBob
9 darthvadern
10 Userguy44

I also have aspergers. - Userguy44

The Contenders

11 Discord1
12 Bowser64

Wow someone added me on here! THANK YOU whoever added me on a list 😄

13 Kiyomi
14 05yusuf09
15 clusium
16 venomouskillingmachine
17 Sop
18 Extractinator04
19 ResonatingScreamS
20 BoyGenius234
22 sandycheeks
23 Spicygarlic
24 Rathernotbenamed
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1. Cyri
2. Userguy44
3. Kevinsidis
1. RockFashionista
2. Disney1994
3. CrimsonShark
1. Cyri
2. darthvadern
3. Userguy44


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