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1 Kasane Teto Kasane Teto

I love how she is tomboyish girl even she looks like girly girl!

She sings beautifully and has an amazing story

Teto was my first and favourite UTAU, she has a great voice and I love her design

I'm biased for her (Love you,Teto! ); there are so many better than her. She's just a favorite whose popularity is deserved.

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2 Uta Utane
3 Sukone Tei Sukone Tei

Tei is completely fantastic! Her voice is amazing, especially in duets with MAYU and in "Declare War on all Vocaloid" She just wants to have recognition for her voice (and Len lol) and should definitely be the leading Utauloid. She also has a really cool design and she deserves to be more popular.

Her voice, her outfit and her songs are awesome! She deserves more attention! 😄😄

4 Ritsu Namine

Ritsu is so awesome!

She will sing best with Lily or Luka - buttersock

5 Ruko Yokune

His voice is just so POWERFUL! Like have you heard his cover of "Rolling Girl" or "Heart Democracy"? He is probably one of the most unique and realistic UTAUs right now! I can't believe Teto is at the top with her squeaky miku voice (Although I kind of expected it), but I really wish Ruko was as well-known as she was! (He's still super popular, but I definitely haven't seen HIM in a concert or project DIVA game! ). He will always be my favourite, along with his many amazing voicebanks! (PS his Whisper append is SO underrated! )

They have both male and female voice banks, which is amazing! Both banks are very good, although I do prefer the make one, because it sounds more 'rocky' in my opinion.
And their design, gosh, it's so cool! Overall, I simply LOVE Yokune Ruko! xxx

She's SO kawaii! ^^
Well, I think the cover of Tokyo Teddy Bear with Ruko's male voicebank... , so... AWESOME! She have 2 voicebanks and it's perfect, cause her voice can sound good in all songs X3
Her eyes ♡u♡

6 Gahata Meiji Gahata Meiji

Has a beautiful append range to choose from, Power banks like -Hunter- Sound absolutely amazing! Pretty much has any tone of voice to be used in any kind of song.

Gah! I love her voice so much! I also love her appearance. She's so amazing! She needs more love

She is the most realistic sounding UTAU.She is also very unique,I mean,really,have you ever seen another witch UTAU besides Meiji?

7 Momo Momone

BOI. She was Nyan Cat before the cat.

8 Aline Enbukyoku Aline Enbukyoku
9 Matsudappoiyo Matsudappoiyo



10 Komi Natsume

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? Mune Musen
? Rei Nakine

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11 Rook
12 Yamine Renri

Yamine Renri can sound SOOO realistic! Give her more love!

She HAS TO become a Vocaloid! It HAS TO HAPPEN! >_< I mean, Macne Nana is... PWEEEZ?

13 Aiko Kikyuune

I personally love Aiko. She is like my idol, being the first UTAU I've ever heard. In some songs she's not very well tuned, but Studio VOXYZ is amazing at tuning her voice and I recommend checking out Coward's Waltz, Biohazard, Breaking Point and many more!

14 Kai Kim

Kai Kim has one of the best voices for Utau I've ever heard! (Besides Ruko, dude he rocks) Kai Kim has such a neat design and personality!

15 Kasane Ted Kasane Ted
16 Defoko Defoko

I mean, she's been here from the beginning!

17 Nagone Mako
18 Kogeinu

How come Kogeinu is so unknown? He has SUCH a great voice! Just listen to him singing Servant of Evil! - FullmetalHeart

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19 Ooka Miko
20 Ama Shiine
21 Mine Laru

At Beginning: Wow A Shark UTAU. Cool. When Listens To His Cyber Thunder Cider Cover: :O *Died Do To So Realistic* (Also Why He's Fat? )

22 Mawarine Shuu

Just listen to his cover of Rolling Girl and you will understand. - FullmetalHeart

23 Macne Nana Macne Nana Macne Nana is a vocal developed for Mac computers for Reason and GarageBand. Her Garageband and Reason voicebanks were able to be ported over into UTAU, and later on, she was released for Vocaloid 3.
24 Sekka Yufu
25 Nene Nene
26 Haruka Nana

Nothing will ever surpass Nana's cuteness

27 Tonarine Sai Tonarine Sai
28 Fjord Donka Fjord Donka
29 Alex Skeffington Alex Skeffington
30 Rosco Rosco
31 Trace Trace
32 Vio Lin
33 Kazehiki Kazehiki
34 Nami Nui Nami Nui
35 Gekiyaku
36 Sendou Ikari Sendou Ikari
37 Gael Sunshine
38 Kyomachi Morte
39 Fuyuki
40 Rouga Jill
41 Ishiame Aido
42 Kiku
43 Ryszard Anioł

I literally fell in love with his voice. Teto is good, but Zardy-chaan...

44 Koto Fuuga Koto Fuuga
45 Yokune Rook
46 Sara Suiga
47 Sora Suiga
48 Luna Amane
49 Luna Ichine
50 Aino Hate
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