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1 Kasane Teto Kasane Teto

Teto has a beautiful voice and an interesting personality.
I think everyone can relate to her, she was made as an april fools joke and nobody took her seriously at first and now she's in Vocaloid concerts and everything.
I cosplay as Teto and Run a Google+ blog for her too!

Very unusual voice for UTAU. InSanity cover with kasane is my furst.

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2 Uta Utane
3 Sukone Tei Sukone Tei

Tei is completely fantastic! Her voice is amazing, especially in duets with MAYU and in "Declare War on all Vocaloid" She just wants to have recognition for her voice (and Len lol) and should definitely be the leading Utauloid. She also has a really cool design and she deserves to be more popular.

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5 Momo Momone
6 Ruko Yokune

His voice is just so POWERFUL! Like have you heard his cover of "Rolling Girl" or "Heart Democracy"? He is probably one of the most unique and realistic UTAUs right now! I can't believe Teto is at the top with her squeaky miku voice (Although I kind of expected it), but I really wish Ruko was as well-known as she was! (He's still super popular, but I definitely haven't seen HIM in a concert or project DIVA game! ). He will always be my favourite, along with his many amazing voicebanks! (PS his Whisper append is SO underrated! )

7 Rook
8 Gahata Meiji Gahata Meiji
9 Aline Enbukyoku
10 Matsudappoiyo Matsudappoiyo

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? Reizo Raine
? Rena Raine

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11 Komi Natsume
12 Kasane Ted Kasane Ted
13 Ooka Miko
14 Nagone Mako
15 Kai Kim
16 Ama Shiine
17 Kogeinu

How come Kogeinu is so unknown? He has SUCH a great voice! Just listen to him singing Servant of Evil! - FullmetalHeart

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18 Mine Laru
19 Fjord Donka Fjord Donka
20 Alex Skeffington Alex Skeffington
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