Top 10 Valid but Stupid Reasons to Criticize Certain Video Games

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1 Many of the players on the online multiplayer voice chat are rude and obnoxious - Call Of Duty

Reason to hate the fanbase, not the games themselves

EDIT: I also VERY clearly said (For Example) when typing out the item name - xandermartin98

2 Making nearly all of the anthro characters buck-naked by default was about as good of an idea fandom-wise as Undertale allowing players to date Sans and Papyrus - Sonic The Hedgehog

Not to mention giving the franchise such an alarming fixation on feet (don't even get me STARTED on what THAT ended up resulting in on Deviantart and essentially all of the other local furry sites as well) - xandermartin98

3 Is overpriced to the point of outright satirical absurdity on Ebay and Amazon, making emulators pretty much your only choice as far as ways to play it go - Earthbound

Reason to hate the developers and marketers, not the game itself - xandermartin98

4 Is literally the straight-up Steven Universe of video games, with the obnoxiously whiny and cancerous SJW fanbase to match - Undertale

Yes, but the game is VERY strongly self-aware of it and even openly makes fun of it with characters like Toriel and Alphys - xandermartin98

5 Is basically just a pretentious emo edgelord's Phoenix Wright story-wise - Danganronpa

And in this case, it works really nicely - kempokid

Which is actually why I love it

(for real though, this franchise is flat-out OBSCENELY overrated by its Reddit fanbase, contrary to what its overall-mediocre Metacritic reviews would tell you) - xandermartin98

6 Costs ten whole dollars on Steam when Cave Story was easily just as influential and classic (albeit considerably less good overall) of a game, had WAY more dedicated work put into it and STILL was originally released as freeware - Undertale

Let's not beat around the bush here, however; at the very least, I would say that UT was plenty enough more interesting of a game (and ESPECIALLY story) than CS to warrant the difference in price point.

The music went from merely being great to being outright godly, the gameplay (as much as I hate to say it) was more polished overall, the storyline was actually existent rather than just implied, the atmosphere was arguably EVEN thicker than in Cave Story, the boss fights (not counting blatant joke ones like Snowdrake's Mother and most of the Genocide "fights") are some of the best I've ever seen in a game...

Yes, the game is pretty rough around the edges and has a pretty major graphical/musical dissonance to say the least, but overall, graphics were probably the only department that Cave Story actually legitimately beat out Undertale's Pacifist run in terms of

(Just for the record, I also DESPERATELY wish that Mettaton's colored tile puzzle allowed players to ...more - xandermartin98

7 Another Metroid 2 Remake was by far the graphically better-looking game of the two remakes overall and was a fully 2D, sprite-based fangame assembled together with largely reused assets - Metroid: Samus Returns

AM2R was the better remake, SR was the more original game

It's REALLY not rocket science - xandermartin98

8 Art style looks way too much like a butchered version of vanilla Wind Waker from all the way back in 2002 on the Gamecube - The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Very true but still largely irrelevant

If Nintendo's main focus was graphical HORSEPOWER, then they probably would've already made even MORE powerful consoles than the PS4 at this point; what's important to look at with Nintendo games is generally the art styles, which (ever since the SNES era) have been absolutely phenomenal AT LEAST ninety percent of the time - xandermartin98

9 Is actually just an incredibly overrated genderbent spinoff rather than a "true" numerical sequel to the original Parappa The Rapper - Um Jammer Lammy

Ironic because UJL actually IS the "true" sequel of the two, improving shockingly largely upon the original game's formula and also adding a ton of new stuff while still VERY much keeping (in fact, considerably AMPLIFYING) the original's wacky, cartoony charm in the process - xandermartin98

10 Game is way too similar to the previous installment (Fallout 3) - Fallout 4

Don't be mad about that, be mad about the fact that it's basically Fallout 3 but with nearly all of the depth taken out of it and replaced by an almost-irredeemably stupid and tacked-on town-building system - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 The epic heroic dragon-slaying part of the game only takes up about maybe five percent of its total 100-percent-completion length - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Contrary to what the godforsaken MEMES would have you believe - xandermartin98

12 Shaking the Wii Remote to spin was unnecessary and could have easily just been mapped to a button if not for the stupid Wiimote/Nunchuk control scheme - Super Mario Galaxy

wha - Crizz

13 Game Was Designed for CRT Televisions and Therefore Doesn't Work Properly When Playing It on Modern TVS - Parappa the Rapper
14 Doesn't feel enough like a traditional vanilla Zelda game - Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
15 Playing the game in Genocide mode fittingly makes it suck horribly - Undertale
16 The inclusion of motion-controlled steering was gimmicky and unnecessary - Mario Kart Wii
17 Has no option to play Primes 1 and 2 with the old Gamecube controls - Metroid Prime Trilogy
18 Is way too ridiculously self-aware of the insane amount of anime tropes it contains - Danganronpa
19 Doesn't work well enough as a hardcore party game when compared to Melee and 4 - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
20 The only real reason it got so popular in the first place was because of Operation Rainfall and Smash 4 - Xenoblade Chronicles
21 Was Square's first attempt at full-on 3D graphics in a full-blown three-disc 50-hour RPG, so it looks understandably horrendous - Final Fantasy VII
22 Much of its humor is painfully unfunny if you aren't in on the joke of it being a completely bastardized satirical take on Banjo-Kazooie - Conker's Bad Fur Day
23 Full-motion video and audio were difficult to fit large amounts of onto PS1 discs, so the games are extremely short as a result - Parappa The Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy
24 Having actually good note-hitting detection makes the game way too easy when compared to its predecessors - Parappa The Rapper 2
25 The game punishes players for getting hit by forcing them to listen to Baby Mario's obnoxious crying until Yoshi finally retrieves him - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
26 Barely anything about it is distinctly unique from Superstar Saga besides its weird vore-fetish theme - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
27 The combat is just Superstar Saga but harder and with more buttons - Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
28 Game is lucky its creator didn't get sued by Studio Pixel for how much of a blatant Mimiga ripoff the design for the Dreemurrs is - Undertale
29 Too many ink puns - Splatoon
30 Too many puns in general - Undertale
31 Character Roster - Mario Kart 8
32 It's "play, create, share" slogan is a shameless copy of Little Big Planet's - Super Mario Maker
33 Its Redesigns of Old Characters are Generally Mediocre at Best - Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
34 Is a Total Carbon Copy of the Super Metroid Formula - Axiom Verge
35 Is an almost-total carbon copy of the Super Metroid formula - Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night
36 Its main protagonist basically only exists to serve as a hyper-sexualized female counterpart to Devil May Cry's Dante - Bayonetta
37 "Literally just books in game form" - Visual Novels
38 "Discount triple-A games" - Indie Games
39 Its glyph system is essentially just Symphony Of The Night's left/right hand system but under a different name - Castlevania: Order Of Ecclesia
40 Completely ripped off the Parappa/Lammy art style - Paper Mario
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