Top 10 Best Vampire Diaries Couples

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1 Damon and Elena

he was always there to save Elena even when Stefan wasn't there, he loved her since the first moment he saw her. yes he hurt her sometimes, but everyone makes mistakes and even Stefan hurt her.
she changed Damon and made him want to be a better person for her, and he changed her too, made her challenge her darkest parts.
The one time where he told her he loved her he compelled her to forget it, because he knew that she loved his brother.
they have amazing chemistry and they will always be my favourite couple.

Damon and Elena are soulmates. There is no other way to put it! Elena is the light in Damons otherwise dark life and Damon is the spark of fiery passion in Elena's. Together they are unstoppable! Sometimes they're love is confusing and sometimes they'll be bumps in road but... the crazy loves are the best loves. They're love is incredible! #DelenaAllTheWay

About the whole Delena vs Stelena thing, I think Stefan was her first real love and he will always be good for her. Damon however, is her true love and gave her a love that consumed her. Stefan may be her first love, but Damon is her true love.

Toxic, boring, repetitive, abusive all things that describe this couple. I seriously don't understand why Plec and Dries ruined their show for these two.

2 Caroline and Klaus

Pure sexual tension from the moment they first interacted with eachother. And I love how Caroline actually enjoys having his attention but just won't admit it.

Klaus Mikaelson literally did not see himself falling for Caroline. She makes him happy, unlike Klamille which is all about her guilt tripping Klaus and trying to manipulate him into stuff. He genuinely smiles and laughs around Caroline and their chemistry is beautiful to see. Even if they got little episodes together, they have the best scenes and dialogues and their love never dies despite going through the crisis that was Steroline and Klamille. They are meant to be. My top ship.

They never even became a couple, but their chemistry was easily the best out of the whole TVD Franchise. They could truly be each other together

Best ship in the world, they have the best development because in the beginning klaus want to use caroline and after he meets her the first time that he sees her he falls for her. They should have been endgame.

3 Caroline and Stefan

Their journey from being classmates, to being friends, then best friends and then deeply in love was quite beautiful to watch and something I would not have expected. I certainly wouldn't have thought that I'd actually enjoy them as a couple and was sad that they didn't get a happy ending.

I can stand it a hell of a lot more than all the other couples so they get my vote.

They got married and they were always best friends

Steroline has always been such a great couple... It my favourite

4 Elena and Stefan

The romance that started it all. For me there just never was the spark that came when she was with Damon. Still there's no denying that their feelings were real and they were in love. And after they seperated they remained friends and still cared for eachother. That's why I still like their relationship. It's just not one of my favourites.

This show started off with Elena being so depressed about her parents' death, and being so hopeless about her future until she met Stefan. Stefan showed her how to truly live and see happiness in the disparity of life, while Elena taught Stefan to be more comfortable with his vampirism because he was still a good person at heart. Unlike other ships (Delena), both were beneficial for each other, and this relationship was built off a strong emotional connection

Stefan saved her from bridge, everything was happened first time to her that was Stefan who made her to trust on vampire, she loved him trusted him there was no lust... Even Stefan never tried to flirt or impress her it was she who needs him she liked him, and damon loved her wherever he know that stelena are already dating... He always flirted with her in the absence of Stefan, tries to kiss her, even he said he can save her from Stefan knowing that Stefan will never hurt her...always tries to make her realize that she feel for damon... I just hate she choose damon... She can't see how much sacrifice he did for her... Even after Klaus compelled him then also he hurt himself... Klaus said this is the love which never dies

Because their care for each other no matter what , they were there for each other , and that kind of love never dies , because they love each other a kind of way I never see

5 Bonnie and Enzo

In my opinion bonnie and Enzo are the best TVD couple. They're love is so powerful that even with his emotions off he wouldn't let her die. He protected her through everything and they are so cute. they should definitely be higher on this list.

A last minute ship thrown together by the writers in hopes that people would stop calling them racist - it obviously backfired with the complete lack of thought that they put into it.

They are the best, and I will always want Bonnie's child to be on Legacies. I want her to somehow have gotten pregnant before Enzo died or she figured out how to bring him back to life.

"They are true perfection. They are the best couple in the show. I hate how they're story ended. In my head-canon, Bonnie brought him back and they're traveling the world TOGETHER

6 Klaus and Hayley

There always there for eachother they are honestly my favorite other than bamon

7 Kol and Davina

Best couple in the originals, they were so cute together

Their both attractive just saying

8 Jo and Alaric

I love these two! so much I actually really loved Jo And so Sad when she died

deserved a happy ending

9 Matt and Rebekah

I didn't enjoy Matt with ANYONE but with her. She got him to loosen up. Sadly when she was gone he went back to being boring and judgemental.

Mabekah is cute. Matt despised the vampires that were killing people in this town, and because of it, Rebekah wanted to prove him she was different and could be good. Then, she fell for him, and he started to have a crush on her. :}

Matt was only tolerable when he was with Bex

rebekah and matt made each other better, rebekah was kinder and matt was more passionate and carefree

10 Jenna and Alaric

Jenna was one of the sweetest most innocent characters. It was really sad to see her die. If she hadn't, her and Alaric would have gotten married and would have stayed together. I´m sure of it.

Yeah I hope Jenna comes back from the dead. And then Alaric and Jenna live happily ever after as humans they get married and have children in the final I hope.

What the hell how were they not on here? They were so cute!

They were cute

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11 Caroline and Tyler

This is my favorite couple from TVD, I like the way their relationship started, and they have chemistry. I would've liked them to be endgame.

I love this couple so much. The twos has the best chemistry to together.
Best couple in this serie

passionate, they went back to each other several times, and they were there for each other through the hardest

12 Damon and Rose
13 Katherine and Stefan

Even though I'm a huge Stelena fan they will always be my favorite ship from the TVD universe and one of my favorite ships in general. The difference between Stelena and Steferine is that Katherine would always choose Stefan (or herself to be completely fair) unlike Elena. Stefan was always the love of her life and to me she was the love of his life too, he just didn't want to admit it. I'm a sucker for those hate/love relationships and they have so much breathtaking chemistry. I love how Stefan was the only one who wanted her to have a happy ending in season 5. When he saved her life he was the only one who wanted her to live, everyone else would've probably killed her. And even though their relationship was completely destroyed in the finale they will always be soulmates. They might be complicated and toxic but at some point they did love each other and you can't deny it. I can't imagine the day 'I guess this is how our lovestory ends' won't break my heart. Team Steferine Forever ...more

I don't know why but I just ship them so much the chemistry is undeniable, plus I love Kat and Stefan so much.

I don't like Kathriene but I like somehow this couple. It is really good.

Steferine is so beautiful

14 Jeremy and Bonnie

I know this is an unpopular opinion but I never got Bonnie and Enzo as a couple. He just wasn't Bonnies type at all. When they were together my first thought was: Well either Enzo or Matt, he? It was lazy writing for me. And Bonnie deserved more. I didn't love her and Jeremy together either. I didn't really like Jeremy in general but at least they kind of made sense as a couple and it didn't feel forced.

I actually liked them. But I don't know why they drifted apart for NO REASON in ss6

They are the perfect couple.

They're the best.

15 Jeremy and Anna

Anna was very manipulative, and one of the oldest non-original vampires. But after she started dating Jeremy she changed, for him, because of him.
He stopped taking drugs, and even if some people don't want to admit it, but he never loved Bonnie the way he did to anna.
Not even death could stop them, it was true love. It wasn't what Elena wanted, but Jeremy will love a gosht for the rest of his life.

These two are really my TVD Otp. They had such a great development. At first Anna used him but then he started to love him. She had such a good character development since she met Jeremy. She became a good person. Same with Jeremy. He stopped taking drugs after he met Anna. I love every single scene of turn because the live between these two is truly magic. I'm so sad that Anna had to die. She'll forever be the one girl Jeremy loves the most. He loves her, he has always loved her.

They would be with each other even if one of them is dead

Anna was the love of his life

16 Elijah and Katherine

This is one of the more beautiful ships, lasting for over 500 years -- more or less half of Elijah's life. There's a wonderful symmetry about having a proper gentleman and a wild seductress in a romance and Kalijah effortlessly balances out both characters in a way that frames both Elijah and Katherine at their best.

It's of the most overlook and underrated of the ships, but it's one of the most beautiful also for the reason that they really feel deeply for each other, but never got the future that they deserved.

Out of all the men Katherine has been with, Elijah is the only one she begged to stay with her. Best Katherine ship️.

Love them since the beginning

17 Kai and Bonnie

Had the most chemistry out of everyone on the show, they seriously should have had their own spinoff together.

He's everything Bonnie needs and never got on the show, being his first choice.

They have the most chemistry

I don’t ship them but I ship me and kai so

18 Caroline and Matt
19 Damon and Bonnie

Now this is platonic. And only platonic. And I love that. You don't get a lot of genuin male & female friendships in TV Shows where it stays platonic. Their love for each other is so strong and real, but it's love of friendship.

Bonnie will always be Damon's best ship because he shows ACTUAL character development when he's with her. His character seems to always regress when he's with Elena and that's not just because she complacent with him and doesn't hold him accountable. The reason why is that you'll notice that when he changes for it's because his goal was simply to get the girl and when he gets the girl he stops trying - the changes were never for himself so they never stick. Also the thing I realized about his obsession with Elena is that it was never really about her, he wasn't really in love with her he was in love with the concept of her. He was in love with the idea of someone choosing him over his brother, of someone wanting him and not using as a play thing basically things he couldn't get from Katherine and Elena was the only person that could provide that. However once he gets it she stops providing that which is how we ended up with their disastrous relationship in S5 (and I don't know why ...more

Honestly, I believe they could be a really great couple. Although I also stand for Stefan and Elena as number one

Even though I don't ship them as a couple, they were my favorite friendship on the show.

20 Elijah and Hayley

Elijah always protected and took care of Hayley he loved her with all his heart and she loved him too.
I believe they got they happy ending and that they are dancing in the afterlife togheter.

Craziest chemistry in the show, like they sent fireworks towards everyone before they even had their first kiss man!

I really admire this couple. They are the best! And I really like Elijah he is so handsome and good!

they are so below the list I CAn't

21 Katerina Petrova and Damon

Like I said I ship stefan/katherine/damon so much.

Cute and awesome.

They are so cool charackter,and they have both a Bad side, Damon van give Katherine the Love that sie need

22 Bonnie and Matt
23 Jeremy and Vicki
24 Damon and Alaric

Best buds. At least from S1-S6. The writers kind of forgot about that friendship in season 7 & 8.

My favorite drinking buddies

Best friendship in the tvd universe

they are one of the best friendship in the world; they loved each other even tho they killed themselves.

25 Caroline and Enzo

He was honestly the only other guy Caroline would've ended up with and I wouldn't be mad. But their friendship was amazing so that's a plus. Otherwise I love who they ended up with.

They had a loy of chemistry and he called her the only girl who could do no wrong

They had so much potential, but never got together ):

its kinda weird in my opinion but they wouldve been cute

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