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1 Damon and Elena

Damon is the best character of the vampire diaries

Toxic, boring, repetitive, abusive all things that describe this couple. I seriously don't understand why Plec and Dries ruined their show for these two. - DisniPrinzess

I just love them and Damon with that jawline it had my friend melting

They are the best

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2 Caroline and Klaus

Klaus and caroline are the best couple ever! Not over dramatic like elena and damon/stefan or boring they're just adorable!

I don't ship klaus and Caroline because he tried to kill elena Gilbert

I've never watched the vampire diaries but I know Klaus from the originals and since the relationship involves Klaus I vote for him

They are meant to be together! I shipped them ever since the 11th episode of season 3 when Klaus healed Caroline. that moment was so beautiful!

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3 Elena and Stefan

I love this couple from starting. No matter what happen but they were close to each other.. - Aditi

They are the best - Lighto

They were ment to be in the book they ended up together plus t

I ship them as a couple x

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4 Caroline and Stefan

SPOILERS : Shipped them since season two and then when they FINALLY got married 6 bloody seasons later Stefan went and died on their wedding day

I can stand it a hell of a lot more than all the other couples so they get my vote.

Steroline has always been such a great couple... It my favourite


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5 Matt and Rebekah

Mabekah is cute. Matt despised the vampires that were killing people in this town, and because of it, Rebekah wanted to prove him she was different and could be good. Then, she fell for him, and he started to have a crush on her. :}

6 Bonnie and Enzo

A last minute ship thrown together by the writers in hopes that people would stop calling them racist - it obviously backfired with the complete lack of thought that they put into it. - DisniPrinzess

They are the best, and I will always want Bonnie's child to be on Legacies. I want her to somehow have gotten pregnant before Enzo died or she figured out how to bring him back to life.

Their feelings are so deep and pure and the way they fight for each other could exemplary for all of us.

This is my favorite. Bonnie & Enzo were adorable together - Itsrik

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7 Katherine and Stefan

I don't know why but I just ship them so much the chemistry is undeniable, plus I love Kat and Stefan so much. - fangirl1967

Stefan didn't even cry when Katherine died. They have no compassion - 123fortandbree

I don't like Kathriene but I like somehow this couple. It is really good.


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8 Caroline and Matt
9 Caroline and Tyler

This is my favorite couple from TVD, I like the way their relationship started, and they have chemistry. I would've liked them to be endgame.

Meh this is ok - 123fortandbree

10 Jenna and Alaric

Yeah I hope Jenna comes back from the dead. And then Alaric and Jenna live happily ever after as humans they get married and have children in the final I hope.

What the hell how were they not on here? They were so cute!

I never loved other Alaric's love story after this one.. I was shipping them so hard <3!

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? Tyler and Elena

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11 Jeremy and Bonnie

Cheated on her with a ghost and his defense is that it was always Anna, so why the hell would you be dating Bonnie knowing full well you're not over your ex. Seriously the lack of respect Jeremy has for Bonnie makes me beyond glad that they broke up. - DisniPrinzess

This is disgusting - 123fortandbree

They're the best.

12 Damon and Rose
13 Kai and Bonnie

Had the most chemistry out of everyone on the show, they seriously should have had their own spinoff together. - DisniPrinzess

He's everything Bonnie needs and never got on the show, being his first choice. - DisniPrinzess

14 Kol and Davina
15 Klaus and Hayley

This is disgusting - 123fortandbree

There always there for eachother they are honestly my favorite other than bamon

16 Jeremy and Anna
17 Jeremy and Vicki
18 Katerina Petrova and Damon

They are so cool charackter,and they have both a Bad side, Damon van give Katherine the Love that sie need

19 Klaus and Hayley
20 Damon and Bonnie

Bonnie will always be Damon's best ship because he shows ACTUAL character development when he's with her. His character seems to always regress when he's with Elena and that's not just because she complacent with him and doesn't hold him accountable. The reason why is that you'll notice that when he changes for it's because his goal was simply to get the girl and when he gets the girl he stops trying - the changes were never for himself so they never stick. Also the thing I realized about his obsession with Elena is that it was never really about her, he wasn't really in love with her he was in love with the concept of her. He was in love with the idea of someone choosing him over his brother, of someone wanting him and not using as a play thing basically things he couldn't get from Katherine and Elena was the only person that could provide that. However once he gets it she stops providing that which is how we ended up with their disastrous relationship in S5 (and I don't know why ...more - DisniPrinzess

Honestly, I believe they could be a really great couple. Although I also stand for Stefan and Elena as number one

That chemistry...

Every time l see them together, my heart skips a beat especially in the last seasons, for me they are the best couple because the elena thing became tooboring and l began hating the character and the actress like kristin kreuk alias lana lang from smallville

21 Nadia Petrova and Rebekah
22 Elijah and Katherine

It's of the most overlook and underrated of the ships, but it's one of the most beautiful also for the reason that they really feel deeply for each other, but never got the future that they deserved.

This is one of the more beautiful ships, lasting for over 500 years -- more or less half of Elijah's life. There's a wonderful symmetry about having a proper gentleman and a wild seductress in a romance and Kalijah effortlessly balances out both characters in a way that frames both Elijah and Katherine at their best.

Love them since the beginning

23 Elijah and Elena

They have a chemistry.

24 Elijah and Hayley

I really admire this couple. They are the best! And I really like Elijah he is so handsome and good!

25 Bonnie and Matt
26 Tyler and Viki
27 Matt and Elena
28 Isobel and Alaric
29 Katerina Petrova and Stefan
30 Elena Gilbert and Kol
31 Matt and Aimee
32 Bonnie and Marcel
33 Caroline and Enzo
34 Anna and Damon

Haha is this even a thing - fangirl1967


35 Stefan and Rebekah
36 Klaus and Elena

Isobel and Alaric

37 Elena Gilbert and Kai

Worst. Ship. Ever. And that rivals even Delena especially since we all know Kai only has eyes for Bonnie and would spend most of that relationship ignoring her. Damon disregards her enough, but at least he's devoted to her. Kai not so much. - DisniPrinzess

38 Jeremy Gilbert and Jenna Gilbert

God, that wld be sooo wrong

39 Lexi and Damon
40 Bonnie and Klaus
41 Bonnie and Kol
42 Matt and Penny
43 Katherine and Kai
44 Matt and Nadia
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