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1 Damon and Elena

I don't really like elena, but elena+damon is good.

They have great chemistry!

I love them. Damon is hot.

Toxic, boring, repetitive, abusive all things that describe this couple. I seriously don't understand why Plec and Dries ruined their show for these two. - DisniPrinzess

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2 Caroline and Klaus

I've never watched the vampire diaries but I know Klaus from the originals and since the relationship involves Klaus I vote for him

I don't ship klaus and Caroline because he tried to kill elena Gilbert

Klaroline so much better than forwood,klamille and even steroline I love steroline but Klaus is Caroline's epic love plus how hot is Klaus

3 Elena and Stefan

I love this couple from starting. No matter what happen but they were close to each other.. - Aditi

I ship them as a couple x

Stelena all the wAy

Stelena are my favourite couple in vampire Diaries because stelena have a lot in common. I hope by the end of the season final they both end up happily ever after as humans with Elena pregnant with Stefan baby. And stelena bloodline carry on forever.

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4 Matt and Rebekah
5 Caroline and Stefan

I can stand it a hell of a lot more than all the other couples so they get my vote.

Steroline is just forced and weird...

Steroline is my 2nd favorite tvd couple, I love them so much. - fangirl1967

They are the cutest couple ever😍😭 When Stefan proposed I cried I've shipped them since s2

6 Bonnie and Enzo

A last minute ship thrown together by the writers in hopes that people would stop calling them racist - it obviously backfired with the complete lack of thought that they put into it. - DisniPrinzess

Their feelings are so deep and pure and the way they fight for each other could exemplary for all of us.

This should be number one! Simple! followed by Klaroline

7 Katherine and Stefan

I don't know why but I just ship them so much the chemistry is undeniable, plus I love Kat and Stefan so much. - fangirl1967

8 Caroline and Matt
9 Caroline and Tyler
10 Jenna and Alaric

Yeah I hope Jenna comes back from the dead. And then Alaric and Jenna live happily ever after as humans they get married and have children in the final I hope.

What the hell how were they not on here? They were so cute!

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? Damon and Bonnie
? Lexi and Damon

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11 Jeremy and Bonnie

Cheated on her with a ghost and his defense is that it was always Anna, so why the hell would you be dating Bonnie knowing full well you're not over your ex. Seriously the lack of respect Jeremy has for Bonnie makes me beyond glad that they broke up. - DisniPrinzess

They're the best.

12 Kai and Bonnie

He's everything Bonnie needs and never got on the show, his first choice. - DisniPrinzess

13 Klaus and Hayley
14 Stefan and Rebekah
15 Klaus and Hayley
16 Tyler and Viki
17 Jeremy and Anna
18 Jeremy and Vicki
19 Caroline and Enzo
20 Anna and Damon V 2 Comments
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Top Remixes

1. Elena and Stefan
2. Katherine and Stefan
3. Klaus and Hayley
1. Damon and Elena
2. Elena and Stefan
3. Matt and Rebekah
1. Damon and Elena
2. Caroline and Klaus
3. Matt and Rebekah



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