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21 Nadia Petrova and Rebekah
22 Elijah and Katherine

It's of the most overlook and underrated of the ships, but it's one of the most beautiful also for the reason that they really feel deeply for each other, but never got the future that they deserved.

This is one of the more beautiful ships, lasting for over 500 years -- more or less half of Elijah's life. There's a wonderful symmetry about having a proper gentleman and a wild seductress in a romance and Kalijah effortlessly balances out both characters in a way that frames both Elijah and Katherine at their best.

23 Matt and Aimee
24 Jeremy and Anna
25 Jeremy and Vicki
26 Caroline and Enzo
27 Anna and Damon

Haha is this even a thing - fangirl1967


28 Stefan and Rebekah
29 Matt and Elena
30 Klaus and Elena V 1 Comment
31 Isobel and Alaric
32 Katerina Petrova and Stefan
33 Elijah and Elena
34 Elena Gilbert and Kai

Worst. Ship. Ever. And that rivals even Delena especially since we all know Kai only has eyes for Bonnie and would spend most of that relationship ignoring her. Damon disregards her enough, but at least he's devoted to her. Kai not so much. - DisniPrinzess

35 Elena Gilbert and Kol
36 Jeremy Gilbert and Jenna Gilbert

God, that wld be sooo wrong

37 Lexi and Damon
38 Bonnie and Klaus
39 Bonnie and Kol
40 Bonnie and Marcel
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