Top 10 The Vampire Diaries Songs

The Top Ten The Vampire Diaries Songs

1 Holding On and Letting Go - Ross Copperman
2 A Drop In the Ocean - Ron Pope

... the best song ever ❣️

3 Feel So Close - Calvin Harris
4 Royals - Lorde
5 Hold On - Chord Overstreet

It worked perfectly for the season 8 finale. It increases the emotion.

This is my favorite from TVD

THIS :'(

It's the best

6 Echo - Jason Walker

THE BEST SONG EVER. Deepful meaning if you try and understand the lyrics.

7 Never Let Me Go - Florence + the Machine

Easily one of, if not, the most powerful song on this list. When you hear it, it's almost like a wave of life and power lift you out of your body and allow you to experience a universe of emotion and freedom.

The best delena moment ❣️

8 Never Say Never - The Fray
9 Hunger - Ross Copperman

I'm crying in the club


10 Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran

It's the delena dance the dance that makes me fall In love with their relationship I don't know one person who doesn't like this dance.

The Newcomers

? To the Wonder - Aqualung

The Contenders

11 All I Need - Within Temptation

It's very Vampire Diaries to me, but like most of the songs in this show are so great. It brings back so many memories to listen to any song, but this is the one for me since I love love love the episode where this is played, when Elena is in the competition for Miss Mystic Falls and Stefan isn't at the bottom of the stairs to escort her so Damon takes her places. It's like the moment I started liking him.

12 Breathe Again - Sara Bareilles

This is such a catchy song...and this music show us the moment that katherines affection for stefan

13 Between - Courrier
14 I Was Wrong - Sleeperstar

Ugh, can't even put it in words! So good the scene fit perfect and damn! Get some already Elena!?

15 Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran
16 Don't Let Me Go - Raign
17 Heal - Tom Odell



18 Another Love - Tom Odell

This is a good song but it is a remix of it v=MwpMEbgC7DA - here is the real version

19 Fire Breather - Laurel
20 Take on the World - You Me at Six

This song has all emotions
One of the best

21 Eternal Flame - Candice Accola


22 Amen Omen - Ben Harper
23 Wings - Birdy
24 Time of Our Lives - Tyrone Wells
25 Twice - Little Dragon

Great underrated song

26 O Holy Night - Cary Brothers
27 Fear and Loathing - Marina & the Diamonds
28 Say (All I Need) - OneRepublic
29 Stay - Rihanna

It's been repeating in my head since I heard it.

30 I Should Go - Levi Kreis
31 Come Back When You Can - Barcelona

Love this song

Best tvd song ever

32 Unbreakable - Jamie Scott
33 Run Away - Cary Brothers
34 Belong - Cary Brothers
35 Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation
36 All I Need - Temptation
37 Let Her Go - Passenger
38 Gravity - Sara Bareilles
39 Ocean Wide - The Afters
40 Run - Leona Lewis

This song makes me so sad, when Bonnies grandma dies after undoing Emilys spell on the tomb under the church. Bonnie deserved so much better.

41 Longest Night - Howie Day
42 Fleur blanche - Orsten
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