Top 10 The Vampire Diaries Songs

The Top Ten

1 Holding On and Letting Go - Ross Copperman
2 A Drop In the Ocean - Ron Pope
3 Feel So Close - Calvin Harris
4 Royals - Lorde
5 Hold On - Chord Overstreet

This is my favorite from TVD

THIS :'(

It's the best

Its very perfect for TVD

6 Echo - Jason Walker

THE BEST SONG EVER. Deepful meaning if you try and understand the lyrics.

7 Never Say Never - The Fray
8 Hunger - Ross Copperman

I'm crying in the club


9 All I Need - Within Temptation
10 Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran

The Newcomers

? Never Let Me Go - Florence + the Machine

Easily one of, if not, the most powerful song on this list. When you hear it, it's almost like a wave of life and power lift you out of your body and allow you to experience a universe of emotion and freedom.

The Contenders

11 Between - Courrier
12 Breathe Again - Sara Bareilles

This is such a catchy song...and this music show us the moment that katherines affection for stefan

13 I Was Wrong - Sleeperstar
14 Heal - Tom Odell



15 Another Love - Tom Odell

This is a good song but it is a remix of it v=MwpMEbgC7DA - here is the real version

16 Fire Breather - Laurel
17 Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran
18 Take on the World - You Me at Six

This song has all emotions
One of the best

19 Eternal Flame - Candice Accola


20 Don't Let Me Go - Raign
21 Time of Our Lives - Tyrone Wells
22 Amen Omen - Ben Harper
23 Fear and Loathing - Marina & the Diamonds
24 Say (All I Need) - OneRepublic
25 Wings - Birdy
26 Stay - Rihanna

It's been repeating in my head since I heard it.

27 I Should Go - Levi Kreis
28 Come Back When You Can - Barcelona

Love this song

Best tvd song ever

29 Run Away - Cary Brothers
30 Belong - Cary Brothers
31 O Holy Night - Cary Brothers
32 Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation
33 All I Need - Temptation
34 Let Her Go - Passenger
35 Gravity - Sara Bareilles
36 Ocean Wide - The Afters
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