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41 Lesbian Vampire Killers

I love lesbian killer.

42 Blade: Trinity

Parker Posey makes all the difference as a vampire in this one.

43 Kiss of the Damned
44 Count Dracula (Louis Jordan as Dracula)

Shown here on PBS' "Great Performances," this UK production is strong on acting and on portraying the grisly nature of the vampires. (A couple of brief scenes now get edited out, when shown on television.) Less emphasis on special effects.

Louis Jordan, a French actor who usually played romantic leads, is surprisingly threatening and animalistic, as Dracula.

45 Night Watch
46 Vampire Academy

Underrated movie if you ask me. This is really a very good movie. It's like Kate Beckinsale's " Underworld " movies meets " Mean Girls " but with its own originality. Actresses and actors are all outstanding in their performances. This movie certainly needs to move up in this list. Worth to watch more than once.

Best movie! Tops Twilight!

This movie in a way can be better than twitlight they should definitely make a second VAMPIRE ACADEMY!

It very funny vampires funny more of orther vampires movie

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47 Vampires Suck

So much better than twilight. Even though it was one of those brain dead films, it made twilight look like dog poop in comparison..

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48 Priest

Very best vampire movie ever made! I love it! It breaks the normal picture you get when someone says vampire. Totally different and new!

This was a lot better then I expected, really fun!

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49 Underworld: Evolution
50 Midnight Son

Good indie vamp movie with nice performances

Edward is great, rob your cool!

51 Vampires: Los Muertos

I love this movie! Jon Bon Jovi as Derrick Rose is perfect!

52 Dracula Untold

The best vampire movie ever it should be first

Oh god! You how much I love this movie. Handsome kind Creepy vampire

53 Twins of Evil

These three films depict what vampirism is all about if you haven't seen them seek them note these films are definitely not for kids

54 The Vampire Lovers
55 Embrace of the Vampire

Not bad but it seems that the movie focus more on the nude scenes of Alyssa Milano ( who is looking very hot ) than the story of the movie.

Good movie with a very hot Alyssa Milano.

56 Only Lovers Left Alive

Watch this movie if you love visually stunning films. Although some people might find this movie a bit slow, I loved the perspective it gave on the lives of vampires, and how unconventional it was in many ways. Also, it stars Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, who are both amazing! Altogether it's one of my favorite movies. Very surprised that it's not already on the list.

Love this so romantic! Just such a great fill.

57 The Forsaken

Awesome movie. Way better than twilight, the idea that vampires sparkle is just stupid. The story is great, the actors are awesome.

58 Cronos
59 We Are the Night

Awesome German vamp flick with undeniably likeable and interesting characters and beautiful soundtrack and mixes action, fantasy and drama all in one undeniably underrated gem.

60 Hotel Transylvania

I'm proud to say that this movie is awesome and much better than twilight.

Ha, Ha, Ha, super cute, funny movie. I own it, and I am not ashamed to admit it!

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