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1 Jump

Great keyboard intro, Solo is one of his best, Keyboard solo is outstanding, the song is energetic and it makes you want to get up and dance, the chores is so creative and amazing that you will smile so hard and shake your head up and down and it doesn't have Sammy Hagar! VOTE JUMP!

A pure classic. Everyone knows this song, the keyboards on this song are outstanding, his solo is astounding, just hands down the best song with David Lee Roth.

Hands down, best Van Halen song of all time- besides Dance the night Away, but thats not on this list. A pure and instant classic.

The best of David, Eddie, Alex, and Michael! - rockerchic18

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2 Hot for Teacher

Jump was their only number one hit, and Panama is one of the best Party songs ever, but "Hot For Teacher" is without a doubt their most popular song ever. Not too mention it is a major stripper anthem to boot. They managed to wrap Blues, Metal, Jazz, and Hard rock sensibilities in this one song. Perfect!.

Insane solo, amazing drum intro, and it doesn't have Sammy Hagar

I'll wait should be on this list. Aside from the phenomenal lyrics and instrumentation, it's perhaps Eddie's best solo in that he didn't overpower the song, but rather created a flawless punchy work of art within a masterpiece of a song.

Boy is this song great. You're always pumped listening to this song. The music video is great

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3 Panama

Riff is so catchy, I can't sit still while listening to it! Drum track is also great - fits perfectly to the song (and to the bass line), fills are just AWESOME (especially the first one)! All of this Lee Roth voice makes the best song ever! Van Halen have tons of great tunes, but this one is my favourite.

I digress here!.Jump,Running with the Devil,Hot for Teacher,Aint talkin About Love,and You really Got me are all Dave Era Classics,but to be honest PANAMA is the bands best Dave Vocal and Party Anthem from the worlds best Party Band,and they even play it in the Navy on board ships as they dock in PANAMA!

My personal favourite song by Van Halen it should be top on this lost hot for teacher is not bad but not their best this song is their best

Intro makes you want to twirl your mic stand...

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4 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

Needs no explanation. I love the intro and how he uses the pedal too like, naaw naw style :P

Best van halen song EVER!

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5 Runnin' with the Devil

Definitely one of Van Halens signature songs.

This is also one the best VH songs ever

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6 Eruption

impossible! how Eruption isn't no 1. the most difficult guitar solo to play at least for me it is the BEST... Eddie is Simply the best guitarist

Greatest Guitar, I love you Eddie, I Love this song

This changed music. From Blues Rock to Metal. Thanks Eddie

Best guitar solo ever

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7 Unchained

One of the best guitar tracks I've ever heard. Eddie really knows hot pull some drop d stuff off.

I know I can't believe this is so low on the list either.. Come on dave give me a break

My favorite Van Halen song, always gets me pumped!

Can't believe this is so low

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8 You Really Got Me

Wow why did you guys not put this song in the top 5 where it belongs... I feel like crying now haha x) but seriously this song is epic greatness!

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9 Jamie's Cryin'

I can't believe they do not have this on their 2015 playlist

Number 1 in my boik

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10 And the Cradle Will Rock...

Best song intro ever, even better than Atomic Punk (If that was possible)! Best use of an electric piano, also (into a cranked Marshall stack)

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11 Little Guitars

Its one of the first things that come to mind when I think about Van Halen. The acoustic intro is nasty and the main guitar riff is something I am actually learning now.

When you listen to this song from a live 2007 concert it is one of the only songs Dave hits every note in and that is why the song diserves to be higher

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12 I'm the One UListen to Sample
13 Mean Street UListen to Sample
14 Light Up the Sky

Live recording of a great live band, wailing away. Excellent pictures being painted with words as only Dave can do, making the music more a musician, with your band, try to catch that stop and restart on the fly (twice! ) with half as much energy as the boys do on this song, and you will have pulled off one hell of a feat!

Best song ever

Great song... The ascending intro is unique and awesome and I think contains some of DLR's best vocal phrasing.

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15 Dance the Night Away

How is this so low is this number 61. Why at 15

Oh Van Halen II, how you are extremely underrated. You bring us classics like this song has Eddie's best sound ever and awesome leading vocals that don't over do it, as well as awesome Michael Antony backing vocals and a smooth beat by Alex, and this is all this song gets. Such a shame...

This song is just plain amazing. Especially after you’ve stayed up until five a.m. listening to music, and this is the last song you listen to before you fall asleep.

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16 (Oh) Pretty Woman UListen to Sample
17 Dirty Movies UListen to Sample
18 Hang 'em High UListen to Sample
19 Romeo Delight UListen to Sample
20 I'll Wait

How is this not in the top ten!

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21 Ice Cream Man


> : (

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22 On Fire

Almost as good as light up the sky

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23 Feel Your Love Tonight

Not my favorite Van Halen song with David Lee Roth, but this really should be ranked higher. This is probably in my top 10 Van Halen songs, and 3rd off the first album. - Element119

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24 Beautiful Girls

Why is this song always rated so low? It’s one of the top 5, catchiest songs Roth did in his time with the band.

How is this not in the top 10.

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25 Somebody Get Me a Doctor UListen to Sample
26 Fools UListen to Sample
27 Tattoo UListen to Sample
28 Drop Dead Legs

Best song off 1984!
I was gonna put Hear About It Later, but its not on this list--I cried when they played it live in 2012.

Anyways, DDL deserves to at least be on the first page. Killer riff, amazing vocals, just an amazing laid back song. Oh and the solo! 🎸🎸

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29 Everybody Wants Some!! UListen to Sample
30 House of Pain UListen to Sample
31 Little Dreamer

I could listen to David Lee's voice all day long. He's always and always will be my favorite.

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32 Top Jimmy UListen to Sample
33 Spanish Fly

Other notable axemen can't even understand much less play it.

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34 Hear About It Later UListen to Sample
35 Can't Get This Stuff No More UListen to Sample
36 China Town UListen to Sample
37 Stay Frosty UListen to Sample
38 D.O.A.

One of my favorites when I was in 7th grade disco died when the mighty VH emerged. What has happened to Rock

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39 Cathedral UListen to Sample
40 Atomic Punk UListen to Sample
41 As Is

Their hardest rocking song yet. Summarizing every VANTASTIC moment

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42 Where Have All the Good Times Gone! UListen to Sample
43 Loss of Control UListen to Sample
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