Best Vanilla Ninja Songs

The best songs by Estonian pop-rock group Vanilla Ninja

The Top Ten

1 Blue Tattoo

Powerful, orchestral composition that will knock you off your feet and imaginative, fantasy-like lyrics - it almost has a symphonic metal touch. The kind of song that blows you away. - Martin_Canine

2 Corner of My Mind
3 Nero
4 Destroyed by You
5 Traces of Sadness
6 The Coldest Night
7 Just Another Day to Live
8 Wherever
9 Spirit of the Dawn
10 Cool Vibes

The Contenders

11 My Puzzle of Dreams
12 Black Symphony
13 Dangerzone
14 When the Indians Cry

It's a cover version, so don't blame them for the unintentionally racist title. - Martin_Canine

15 Kingdom Burning Down
16 Pray
17 Megamix
18 Liar
19 Don't Go Too Fast
20 I Know
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