Best The Vapors Songs

The Top Ten

1 Turning Japanese Turning Japanese Cover Art

Sounds boring tbh (hahaha) but could be the only decent one of the band.

It reminds me of my chillhood when I realized for the first time I was turning an anime kid. yeah I actually liked some anime even the fan arts but this song describe every particular stage of japanese culture and some other stuffs like that!

This is a pretty decent song, in my opinion.

This song is so damn catchy!

2 Waiting For the weekend Waiting For the weekend Cover Art
3 Jimmie Jones Jimmie Jones Cover Art
4 News At Ten News At Ten Cover Art
5 Letter From Hiro Letter From Hiro Cover Art
6 Trains Trains Cover Art
7 Spring Collection Spring Collection Cover Art
8 Here Comes The Judge Here Comes The Judge Cover Art

This is a good song without no question!

I wouldn't put this song out of the top five area. - 80sGreatestOffice

9 Sixty Second Interval Sixty Second Interval Cover Art
10 Prisoners Prisoners Cover Art
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