Top 10 Varieties Of the Gemstone Topaz

Topaz can occur in many colors but it's most commonly golden brown to yellow.
Topaz hardness on Mohs scale is 8 /10 (one of the best).

The Top Ten

1 Blue Topaz

A very rare stone. Blue topaz is the state gem of Texas. - Metal_Treasure

2 Imperial Topaz

Its color varies and can be even violet - Metal_Treasure

3 Pink Topaz

A very rare gem - Metal_Treasure

4 Orange Topaz

(also known as precious topaz).
It's the state gem of Utah, USA. - Metal_Treasure

5 Silver Topaz / White Topaz

It's colorless topaz sometimes used as a diamond alternative or to get artificially coated to make mystic topaz - Metal_Treasure

6 Yellow Topaz
7 Red Topaz
8 Mystic Topaz

It's colorless topaz artificially coated via a vapor deposition process that gives it a rainbow effect. - Metal_Treasure

9 Green Topaz

It's usually pale green - Metal_Treasure

10 Gray Topaz
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