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1 Its over 90000

I don't know why it's the most popular, it's not that great. Maybe because of the memes associated with it. - Goku02

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2 There one thing a Saiyan always keeps his pride

Best quote of Vegeta. It fits his personality well. - Goku02

Love it. I can actually hear his smug voice in my head saying these words. Now I'm going to be addicted to over saying this quote for the rest of this week. When I'm eating - I'll always keep my pride! When I'm watching T.V. - my pride! When using the bathroom a Saiyan always keeps their pride! brother is gonna be so annoyed mwahaha! - NerdBunny

3 I am going to crush you and though you in to the wind

And this was during the saddest and best scenes during DBZ history!

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4 Denitney has reserved that spot for me

When he saves goku from android 19 - skyhon98

5 If I cant last a minute than I deserve to die

Pours heart and pride online for everything he deserves better

6 The ultimate large bucket of bolts

"Oh well if I can't blast you I will have to pound you into a pulp"
"Has a machine like you ever experienced fear"
Fresh out of the factory with no warranty already broken"
It seems you have an oil leak. Too bad what a fragile unit"
Here's a going away present for you"
Too bad there's no junkyard nearby we would have given him a proper burial"

"Fresh out of the factory with no warranty already broken. Too bad what a fragile unit." That's what Vegeta said to Android 19.

It seems you have an oil leak. That's what Vegeta said to android 19

"Tell me, does a machine like yourself ever experienced fear? "

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7 I am already dead
8 Welcome to end of your life
9 You coward V 1 Comment
10 Servant women

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11 I'll take some pride in the fact that it took Beerus the destroyer to kill me.
12 That's my Bulma!

Best thing ever said on the entire show.

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13 Then the whole universe is going to die
14 No more Mr. Nice guy, because if you don't cough up that dragon ball, I'm going to crush you like a grape in the palm of my hand! You understand?!
15 Tell me. Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?
16 You can take control of my mind and my body, but there is one thing a Saiyan always keep… his pride!
17 The sleeper has awakened. I am the prince of all Saiyans once again.
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1. Its Over 90000
2. There One Thing a Saiyan Always Keeps His Pride
3. I Am Going to Crush You and Though You In to the Wind



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