Top Ten Vehicles In Enemy Territory: Quake Wars


The Top Ten

1 Anasi-GDF

It can take out a Cyclops,or a hog but in the right hands when used properly,it's take a lot of time to master. - Toucan

2 Cyclops-Strogg

Do I need to explain,but only drawback is speed - Toucan

3 Titan-GDF

It's great for ground Offense - Toucan

4 Tormentor

Pretty fast and evasive - Toucan

5 Desecrator-Strogg

It's pretty useful when you need to defend a position - Toucan

6 Hog-Strogg

It's Ram Attack Can Take out or Anti personnel turrets,Most deplorables in A couple of rams(do not try on anti vehicle turrets though),armadillos are easily taken out and if done stealthily even Trogons are doomed and a husky,don't ask,a husky wil be history and it's turret can take out troops effectively - Toucan

7 Trojan-GDF

Watch out tormentors! - Toucan

8 Husky-GDF

It's great for fast travel,but other than that...nah - Toucan

9 Armadillo-GDF

Pretty effective agains troops and Can suppress tormentors - Toucan

10 Platypus-GDF

This is great for seaborne combat - Toucan

The Contenders

11 Icarus-Strogg
12 Bumblebee-GDF

It's great for troop transport - Toucan

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