Top 10 Vehicles In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


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1 Banshee

Most fun vehicle to drive, only the infernus is faster

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2 Turismo

It deserves to be first you know you could go cruise the countryside in a minute or just simply go to area 51
And also good for missions

Based on the ferrari f40 this is the best car in san andreas.

Turismo is by far the most good looking car in game. Maybe infernus is faster but who cares about speed? Just drive around with style!

One of the fastest cars in the game (probably the 3rd), and, unlike Infernus, it has a great handling and his wheels are naturally prepared for some off-road places. It doesn't flip that easy and it's still the coolest vehicle in the game.

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3 Hydra

This should be number 1 it, s faster than ground vehicles and airplane you can lock on to plane helicopters and vehicles you can shot down planes that go over cj if your fast enough - XxwileyxX38

Screw the AT-400 that plane is slow the hydra is faster and armed with lock on missiles AT-400 unarmed and hard to drive out of the airport in Las Venturas

The best aircraft in the game better than other planes - XxwileyxX38

Its based on Harrier Jump jet which exists in Real life - P-51IsDaBest

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4 Phoenix

Phoenix is one of those cars that you either love or hate. For me, it's by far my favourite car in the game. Something about it stand out to me. I love the groggily roar of the engine and how fun it is to drive. It may not be the fastest, or the best, but I can say it is definitely worth it. (Especially if you upgrade it in Trans-Fender)

I think this is the best car because of the many ways to customise it. - ICanSeeYou

It is one of the rarest cars in the game with good top speed and acceleration. It also can be modded in many ways.

5 Sanchez

This bike is used in Wrong Side Of The Tracks!

Memories of Mount Chiliad, K Rose and driving in whole village.
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is best game of al times.

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6 Bullet

Man this should be in the top 5
Based on Ford GT this car is hell fast

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7 Bandito
8 Buffalo

Oh come on! Buffalo is both durable, easy to handle both on and off road AND really fast! Banshee is a good car too but it is too light, with Buffalo you can ram into the opposing cars in missions without worrying about it lighting up quickly.

I was suprised that Infurnus wasn't there but still buffalo is my favorite

9 ZR-350

I think its good to mod handling to drifting handling and mod car style

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10 Infernus

Fastest car, (fact) but not the best to handle or mod.

Fastest car in the game, but not best handling

This is the fastest car in the game you know?

This must be number 1 :)

And this is the most used in Multi Theft Auto DM

The fastest car in this game

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The Newcomers

? Voodoo

Medium top speed, can be found easily, nice aceleration, perfect handling, it hardly flips (without hydraulics) and it's also cool!

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11 Hustler
12 Cheetah

Come on guys! It's Lamborghini in real life, it must be at top 5 at least

Awesome performance combined with great look

13 FCR-900
14 AT-400

I love the size of this thing and flying around in it, its so fun. Fun Fact: This can go higher than any other Grand Theft Auto vechile

15 Hotring Racer
16 Hunter
17 Seasparrow
18 Jester V 2 Comments
19 Comet

Comet is fast like a comet. And have a ultimate handling

20 Super GT V 1 Comment
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