Top 10 Vehicles In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


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21 Rhino

Who doesn't love a literal tank?

Very strong and powerful
(Should of made it in top 5 :(...)

22 Bloodring Banger
23 The Mothership
24 Huntley

Looks like a Range Rover

25 Slamvan


When you mod in loco you get the best car

26 Nevada
27 Vortex

Flying, swimming, driving - it can do anything!
+ big explosion when destroyed.

28 NRG-500

The fastest bike in the game! May be faster than the turismo and infernus!

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29 Jetpack
30 Tractor
31 Blista Compact
32 Sabre
33 Stretch
34 Elegant
35 Emperor
36 Stafford

Despite not being a sports car in the game, It's actually a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and if you're very paranoid about it getting destroyed, I recommend putting it in a garage if you don't have one

37 Shamal
38 Rancher
39 Rustler

Come on its fastest propeler plane and pew pew pew machine guns! Pew pew pew all planes

40 Voodoo

Medium top speed, can be found easily, nice aceleration, perfect handling, it hardly flips (without hydraulics) and it's also cool!

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