Best Versions of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is one of the most famous and most covered songs of all time. See what voters picked as their favorite version and place your vote to move your favorite version up the top 10 list.

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1 Peter Hollens

Jackie Evancho and Peter Hollens is the best duet of "Hallelujah" ever.

Peter and Jackie meld well together in this beautiful song.

Jackie Evancho and Peter Hollens recently reprised this live on stage in Portland OR. Fantastic performance! - BobG

See the YouTube video, or listen the iTunes sample (that should be included here! ).

2 Jeff Buckley

Like to listen live in Bearsville

Jeff brings the emotional quality into this song, that others fail to do. You feel this song, when he sings it.

I would for sure rate the Leonard Cohen and KD Lang versions above this one.

I shed my tears listening to this. Lol no, but seriously everyone think this is his song. Same thing happened with hurt 'by' johnny cash

3 Leonard Cohen


Of Course, Jeff John And Rufus's Versions Are Also Good, But Leonard Does It The Best! - Bndspitw

Oh Yes, My Top 5 Best Versions:

1.Leonard Cohen
2.Jeff Buckley
3.John Cale
4.Rufus Wainwright
5.KD Lang

Absolutely nobody can top the guy who actually composed the song, and lived the events that inspired it.

4 Rufus Wainwright

The BEST version ever!

5 KD Lang

The only person other than Cohen who really emotionally knows what this song is. Is it a coincidence that they are both Canadian?

When asked to sing this at the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver with Lang, Cohen deferred saying something along the lines of "You have KD. What do you need me for? "

Her version at the 2010 Olympics tops them all!

Most moving and poignant performance ever done.

6 Willie Nelson
7 John Cale

Simply the best version.

Amazing. Should be #1.

8 Pentatonix

Gives me chills when they sing this song

I love this band and their songs are amazing especially Say Something and Hallelujah. Another favorite is Imagine. They truly are amazing and the song is just so precious. I hope they have fun on their tour I (i've said it a lot, I know) Love them so MUCH! they make me cry sometimes

When you listen with headphones the beautiful harmony is even richer!

This may be the best version of this song ever

9 Bon Jovi

How is this different from the Jon Bon Jovi version

This must be by the tribute band, since the great version actually by Bon Jovi is already listed.

Bizarre that this on here twice.

So good that its listed twice.

10 Allison Crowe

Communicating emotion without sentimentality is an unique gift and talent of Allison Crowe. She's able to perform Leonard Cohen's song in her unique way which reaches so many people who desire such authenticity.

The Contenders

11 Bob Dylan
12 Susan Boyle

Gorgeous, sublimely nuanced performance

13 Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake
14 Regina Spektor Regina Spektor
15 Celine Dion and The Canadian Tenors
16 Il Divo

Even without "understanding" the non-English lyrics, I was crying before the end of the first verse. Their rich voices and phenomenal balance of volume is non-equaled.

17 Chester Bennington

This has got to be one of the most emotional covers for this song. Chester sang this at Chris Cornell’s funeral, and you can tell he was hurt. Chris wasn’t just some celebrity to him. He was pretty much family. - 3DG20

18 TakeNote

This is the Clemson TakeNote a cappella singers. From their 2007 album "Now That We Have Your Attention".

Available on iTunes:

BOCA 2006: Best of College a Cappella, Track 12.

This is the Clemson TakeNote a cappella singers. From their 2007 album "Now That We Have Your Attention".

19 Crystal Bowersox
20 Theory of a Deadman

More people should hear this version!

21 Roy and Rosemary
22 Jeff Gutt
23 Kate Voegele
24 Andre Rieu
25 Lee DeWyze
26 Tori Kelly
27 Myles Kennedy

The best singer ever, very good version

28 Bono
29 LeAnn Rimes LeAnn Rimes
30 Savannah Outen
31 Jotta A.
32 Amaury Vassili
33 Norah Jones Norah Jones
34 Neil Diamond
35 Matthew Schuler
36 Patricia Janečková Patricia Janečková
37 Mark Vincent
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