Top 10 Very Fast Metal Songs with Clean Melodic Vocals

NO death, black and thrash metal here because:
- death and black metal vocals aren't clean
- thrash metal vocals aren't melodic, they are rough: thrash singers either spit the words or snarl because it's difficult to sing "normally" on such fast songs.

However, some singers are able to sing melodically even on very fast songs - songs that are sometimes faster than thrash songs.

Typical fast subgenres with Clean Melodic Vocals are: speed metal, power metal, traditional metal, heavy metal, folk metal, symphonic metal.

Speed metal - it's not every fast song from any metal subgenre. Speed metal is very close power metal and has specific features.

The Top Ten

1 The Trooper - Iron Maiden The Trooper - Iron Maiden Cover Art

I decided to put this song at #1. It's not the fastest song on this list, it's not even the fastest Iron Maiden song but I guess it was very influential. And it's awesome. - Metal_Treasure

Yeah it has a clean voice - zxm

2 Majesty - Blind Guardian Majesty - Blind Guardian Cover Art

It's very fast and it's 7:30 minutes long, with only 2 short sections that are slower (10 seconds each). Guitars, vocals and drums are very fast (the drummer was only 17 years old).
Chorus, riffs and solo are amazing. Hansi voice is so pleasantly aggressive and raw on this song. - Metal_Treasure

3 Aces High - Iron Maiden Aces High - Iron Maiden Cover Art

This is one of my most favorite Iron Maiden songs and I think it's kinda underrated among the Maiden songs. Great speed, energy, vocals... PS. When I made this list long ago, the song wasn't in the top 10 Best Iron Maiden Songs - Metal_Treasure

It used to be one of my favorites as well (I got a bit bored of it) but I don't think it's underrated: it is #4 on Best Iron Maiden Songs, and it has about 30 million views on YouTube. - Alkadikce

4 Shot to Hell - Laaz Rockit Shot to Hell - Laaz Rockit Cover Art

In the early 80s Metallica was an opening act for these guys. - Metal_Treasure

5 Ride the Sky - Helloween Ride the Sky - Helloween Cover Art
6 Painkiller - Judas Priest Painkiller - Judas Priest Cover Art

Metal Meltdown is faster - Alkadikce

No clean vocals in this - Userguy44

While it has some very fast sections, it's not extremely fast all the time - Metal_Treasure

7 Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce Cover Art
8 Riding the Eagle - Primal Fear Riding the Eagle - Primal Fear Cover Art

The solo and drum fills are great. - Metal_Treasure

9 Somewhere Out In Space - Gamma Ray Somewhere Out In Space - Gamma Ray Cover Art
10 Burnnn - Pantera

The Contenders

11 Banish from Sanctuary - Blind Guardian
12 The Kinslayer - Nightwish The Kinslayer - Nightwish Cover Art
13 Hellion Rising - Hirax Hellion Rising - Hirax Cover Art

Katon sings normally even when Hirax is a Thrash Metal band - Fretto

14 Boiling Point - Iced Earth Boiling Point - Iced Earth Cover Art
15 Ten Thousand Strong - Iced Earth Ten Thousand Strong - Iced Earth Cover Art
16 Kill the King - Rainbow Kill the King - Rainbow Cover Art

Pretty fast for its time. - Userguy44

17 Wanderlust - Nightwish Wanderlust - Nightwish Cover Art
18 Storming the Burning Fields - Dragonforce Storming the Burning Fields - Dragonforce Cover Art
19 Destiny - Galneryus Destiny - Galneryus Cover Art
20 Washed Out - Savatage Washed Out - Savatage Cover Art
21 Fairytale - Edguy Fairytale - Edguy Cover Art
22 Demons and Angels - Primal Fear Demons and Angels - Primal Fear Cover Art
23 Metal Meltdown - Judas Priest Metal Meltdown - Judas Priest Cover Art
24 Fast as a Shark - Accept Fast as a Shark - Accept Cover Art
25 Stargazers - Nightwish Stargazers - Nightwish Cover Art
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