Top 10 Very Short Wars


The Top Ten

1 Anglo-Zanzibar War, 1896 (38 minutes)

A lot of Battles have gone on longer than this whole war - christangrant

The Royal Navy defeated Zanzibar in 38 minutes. - Metal_Treasure

2 Football War Between El Salvador and Honduras, 1969 (100 hours)

My grandfather was in that war my dad told me he was a strategist. After the war my grandfather died in 2013 of stress - Kevinsidis

Caused by a dispute over a soccer score - Metal_Treasure

The sad thing is... with how ridiculously seriously people take soccer it is an absolute miracle not many more wars were caused by it. - Martin_Canine

3 Six-Day War, 1967 (5 days)

Israel defeated Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq. - Metal_Treasure

4 Russo-Georgian War, 2008 (6 days)

7 to 12 August, 2008 - Metal_Treasure

5 Slovenian Independence War, 1991 (10 days)

Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia and the war began. An agreement was signed. - Metal_Treasure

6 War of the Stray Dog, 1925 (11 days)

A border conflict between Greece and Bulgaria. A Greek soldier ran after his dog, crossed the border and the Bulgarian border guards shot the Greek soldier. Greece invaded Bulgaria but The League of Nations made Greece withdraw and pay an indemnity to Bulgaria. - Metal_Treasure

7 Indo-Pakistani War, 1971 (13 days)

Well even though the war lasted for 13 days but actually, it was a part of Bangladesh liberation war originally started very shortly after April. It was the final attack on Pakistani Army from Indian troops. When Pakistan started to run from Dhaka and decided to slaughter professors and students. - zxm

8 Serbo-Bulgarian War, 1885 (14 days)

The Kingdom of Serbia was defeated. - Metal_Treasure

9 Norman Conquest, 1066 (17 days)

William won the Battle of Hastings. - Metal_Treasure

10 Georgian-Armenian War, 1918 (24 days)

Border dispute at the end of the WW I. - Metal_Treasure

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